Excel Formula Sheet

I am attaching herewith the excel formula sheet. Please go through and let me know your valuable inputs.


Function keys in Microsoft Excel
F1 Display Help or the Office Assistant What’s This? Insert a chart sheet Insert a new worksheet
F2 Edit the active cell Edit a cell comment Save As command Save command
F3 Paste a name into a formula Paste a function into a formula Define a name Create names by using row and column labels
F4 Repeat the last action Repeat the last Find (Find Next) Close the window Exit
F5 Go To Display the Find dialog box Restore the window size
F6 Move to the next pane Move to the previous pane Move to the next workbook window Move to the previous workbook window
F7 Spelling command Move the window
F8 Extend a selection Add to the selection Resize the window Display the Macro dialog box
F9 Calculate all sheets in all open workbooks Calculate the active worksheet Minimize the workbook
F10 Make the menu bar active Display a shortcut menu (right click) Maximize or restore the workbook window
F11 Create a chart Insert a new worksheet Insert a Microsoft Excel 4.0 macro sheet Display Visual Basic Editor
F12 Save As command Save command Open command Print command