Employee Termination Letter : How to Deal with Absconded Employee?

An employee may be confirmed of desertion or abscondment if he/she is not present in the office long enough to get the impression that he/she might not be interested in returning to work any time sooner or later. For example if an employee hasn’t come to work for a week and you have no clue of his/her whereabouts, he/she might just be absconded. What next?

We have come up with a few systematic steps to help you deal with absconded employees. Have a look!

Dealing with absconded employees

  • What is most important is never assume vaguely that your employee might have absconded with the intention never to return. Check on his/her whereabouts before planning on any action.
  • Make an attempt to contact your employee. Call his/her cell phone or dispatch a letter by registered mail and then note the date and time of the call and the message sent.
  • The letter has to be sent to the last known address you have on file. If possible you may as well contact family members, friends or colleagues close to the employee and note their comments.
  • In case the employee has been imprisoned or hospitalized, find out where he/she has been prisoned or hospitalized.
  • Maintain a record of all the attempts taken to contact him/her.
  • In case you are sending a letter, make sure you obtain a proof of delivery too, be it either registered mail or by phonogram.
  • Once you are able to trace down the employee, give a chance to explain the reason of absence and then decide accordingly.

Sample Employee Termination Letter

Here is a sample employee termination letter to help you give a better idea on how to deal with abscondment.

Dear Employee,

This is to notify that you have been absent from work without permission since __/__/__ with no communication on your end to the company. You are hereby instructed to resume work immediately. In case, you do not show up, we will consider your silence as you have no intention to return to work.

I, therefore remind you once again that if you do not report to work on the __/__/__ a disciplinary hearing will be held leading to your dismissal.


HR Manager