Employee Cash Advance Policy

Kindly refer on this but personalize it based on your company’s standing and employee mortality.


  • Employees with at least three (3) months tenure and has a Probationary Contract with the company are allowed to avail with the CASH ADVANCE POLICY. Training Period is not counted.


  • Trainees , Contractual and Project-based employees are not eligible of this policy.


  • CASH ADVANCE REQUEST can only be made if:
    • Cash needed is not available at the time of the need
    • Cash needed is for emergency matters
      • Hospital/Medical Assistance
      • Educational Assistance
      • Debt/Loan Assistance
      • Any emergency reason with detrimental effect to the requesting employee


  • The Employment status shall affect the amount allowable for cash advance.
    • Probationary Employees are allowed to have a maximum of

PhP 6,000.00.

  • Regular Employees are allowed to have a maximum of

PhP 10,000.00.


  • The eligible requesting employee/s should email the Site Director for approval 2-3 days prior.


  • 2-3 days after receipt of cash advance, the eligible requesting employee should furnish a Cash Advance Liquidation Form  to the Accounting and Admin Executive.


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