50 Frequently Asked Questions in Business Development Manager Interview

As tedious the task of preparing for an interview is, preparing for conducting is interview by the recruiter is tiresome too. If you want to land on the most appropriate candidate, you being the employer must be able to churn out the best with your questions during the interview session. If you are preparing for a Business Development Manager Recruitment interview you need to keep in mind the key duties, tasks, job specs, job standards of sales positions while making the questions. Also the questions must be able to meet the history, organization structure competitive advantages and disadvantages of the company.

Top Questions Asked in Business Development Manager Interview

Here are the top 50 questions most frequently put forward by recruiters while interviewing for the position of a Business Development Manager.

1. Tell me something about yourself in a nut shell?

2. What are your greatest strengths and weakness?

3. What is the reason behind leaving your current job?

4. Why would you like to work here?

5. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

6. How is your relationship with co-workers at your current company?

7. Will you be okay with working overtime?

8. What is your experience in this field?

9. How successful are you in this field?

10. What are the different measures you take to improve your knowledge in this field?

11. What kind of a work ethic do you follow?

12. How good are you in a team? How about your communication skills?

13. Did you apply for other jobs or just this one?

14. How much do you know about our organization? Describe in a nutshell.

15. What is your expected salary?

16. If hired, what will be the estimated time period of your tenure?

17. Is there anyone working for us who can give your reference?

18. How will your hiring positively affect our company?

19. How have you benefitted the present company you are working for?

20. What gives you the confidence that you will perform better in our organization?

21. What is the one thing about co-workers that turns you off?

22. What is your first preference: work or capital?

23. What according to your present supervisor is your strongest point?

24. Have you ever encountered any problem with your supervisor?

25. How efficient are you to work under tremendous pressure?

26. What is your career objective? Your dream job?

27. Describe your ideal work environment.

28. Have you ever fired anyone till date? If yes, why?

29. Will you be able to put the interest of the organization way ahead of your own?

30. Tell me about your biggest professional grace and disappointment?

31. How good are you as a self tutor? Give me an example in context to your professional life.

32. What is your biggest professional achievement till date?

33. Have you gone through any major change in your current job? How did you tackle the situation?

34. What strategies you adopt for situations that go completely out of hand?

35. In situations where we have to meet tight deadlines, how would you prioritize your tasks?

36. What is the most cost effective management style according to you?

37. What have you learned from your past mistakes in this field?

38. Tell me something about your blind spots?

39. If we switch roles, what would you look for in a business development manager?

40. Do you at any point feel as though you are overqualified for this position?

41. How do you plan on compensating for your lack of experience?

42. Who according to you is an ideal boss?

43. Which position will be the most comfortable in if you were to work in a team?

44. If you were very rich, would you quit working?

45. Have you ever been fired?

46. Why do you feel yourself as a good fit for this company?

47. What turns you on in a job?

48. How do your skills and accomplishments match this job?

49. Are you flexible on relocating if required?

50. Are to able to take full responsibility about a task without supervision or support?

These are a few of the important questions that might come handy as a recruiter. Happy interviewing!