Key Result Area

Assistant Manager Training KRA

Function: To monitor, review, plan, control and document account training activities and improve effectiveness. Leads training development and delivery activities of the account and interacts with client contacts for all training related activities.

Responsibilities: Evaluate/Analyze and identify training needs to meet account/program objectives

Designing and developing the training programs.

Planning and assessment of training programs.

Provide timely feedback on all account training and instructional design to the trainers. Review and monitor all account training activities by trainers.

Participate in reviewing the training SOPs and updating the same.

Review existing New Hire Certification/re-certification/quizzing processes frequently and measure effectiveness.

Monitor and control all account related training activities (planning and execution) in the site by the trainers.

Responsible for an assessment of client training requests and implementation.

Drive design, development and delivery of all ongoing, new-hire, re-training, and other programs and allocating resources required for the same.

Research and experiment of new processes/systems to improve training function.

Training Feedback Analysis for continual improvement in training function.

Develop and deliver training on account issues/areas recommended by the Client in e-mails/conference calls.

To participate in all relevant client calls and take the learning’s forward in training module development.

Analyze customer satisfaction reports and quality reports periodically with to identify the training needs.

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