General Premedical Test Policy

Here is the General Premedical Test Policy.

Supervisors are advised that any person who may require assistance in understanding any aspect of this document, particularly for language or literacy reasons, can be referred to the OH&S Unit in Human Resources.

1. Overview
2. Scope
3. Policy
4. Responsibilities



To safeguard both itself and any potential staff member, the University reserves the right to require a potential staff member to undergo a pre-employment medical examination as a condition of appointment. This Policy and associated procedure set details of the University’s requirement for pre-employment medicals.


This Policy applies to all prospective staff members employed by the University of Adelaide, with the exception of:

(i) casual academic and general staff;
(ii) visiting academic staff;
(iii) honorary academic staff.


3.1 The University reserves the right to require any successful applicant for a position in the University to undergo a medical examination to determine fitness for work.

3.2 All offers of appointment shall be made subject to satisfactory completion of a pre-employment medical examination, if such an examination is deemed necessary by the University.

3.3 The purpose of the pre-employment medical examination shall be to verify that the prospective member of staff is physically fit to perform the inherent duties of the position for which he or she has applied, and to help guard against work-related illness and injury occurring subsequent to the person’s employment in the University.

3.4 Where required, the pre-employment medical is to be conducted by a registered medical practitioner of the applicant’s choice.

3.5 The decision to require an applicant to undergo a medical examination as a condition of appointment will take into account the inherent duties of the position for which the applicant has applied, the occupational hazards identified for the position and the applicant’s personal health declaration in relation to the position.

3.6 A successful applicant who is required to undergo a pre-employment medical examination may not commence duty with the University until he or she has received confirmation from the University stating that he or she is fit to take up the appointment.

3.7 All medical information obtained as part of this process is confidential and shall remain the property of Human Resources.


4.1 Human Resources

Human Resources shall be responsible for the following:

(i) determining those successful applicants who are required to undergo a pre-employment medical as a condition of appointment, in accordance with guidelines developed by the General Manager, Human Resources;

(ii) communicating to applicants the requirements of this Policy and associated procedure;

(iii) confidentially storing any documentation associated with this Policy.

4.2 Area Managers

Area Managers are responsible for the following:

(i) developing the Duty Statement for vacant general staff positions;

(ii) determining potential occupational hazards for the position to be filled;

(iii) identifying those positions for which a pre-employment medical is required;

(iv) ensuring that no applicant commences an appointment until his or her appointment has been confirmed.

Area Managers may delegate the above authorities to Heads of Department.