Letter for Excessive Prolonged Lunch Breaks

Sample Excessive Prolonged Lunch Breaks Letter

Sometimes some employees take prolonged lunch breaks because of which the disciple at the office gets affected and this in turn affects the performance. Therefore, it is important to write a formal Warning Letter for Taking Long Breaks to the employees. It works as a formal warning for employees taking long lunch breaks.

We have included in this post a sample warning letter for your reference. This Warning Letter Format to Employee is quite simple and you can use this Sample Excessive Prolonged Lunch Breaks Letter for writing your own letter.

Format For Excessive Long Lunch Breaks

Date: April 5th, 2023

Dear Employees,

We appreciate the dedication with which all the employees work at Zenith Technologies. Each of our employees is an important part of our organization and is expected to adhere to the rules and regulations at the company.

We would like all our employees to obey the lunch timings which are from 1.30pm to 2pm during the working hours. A slight variation of around 5 mins is understandable and acceptable but when any employee takes undue advantage of these lunch breaks and spend excessive time in the name of lunch break then it will certainly not be acceptable and will attract strict actions against that particular employee.

We have been informed that there are few employees who have been taking prolonged lunch breaks on daily basis. In case you continue to do the same then please be informed that for that particular day, half of your salary will get deducted.

This being the very first warning in this context, we are not going to be taking any actions for the defaulters till date but any employee who continue to prolong these lunch hours beyond the prescribed lunch timings will have to face the penalties. We strongly advise all our employees to adhere to these timings to avoid any such actions taken against them.


Henry Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

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