Cover Letter for Promotion to Management Position

Sometimes it is not enough to put in years of hard work and simply expect for your promotion to happen. Sometimes you need to make an initiative to bring in notice to your manager that during this time frame you have earned additional skills which make you fit for a managerial position.

If you are planning to apply for the management position with your same employee then it is important that you must submit your resume with a beautifully drafted cover letter which can explain your potentials and capabilities.

Here is a sample format for the cover letter for promotion to a management position given for your quick and easy reference.

Example of Cover Letter for Promotion to Management Position

Dear Mr. Andrew Smith,

I would like to formally apply for the position of Assistant Communications Manager in the Corporate Communications Department which has openings at present. As you know, I possess an extensive experience working with the company. I started my career with the company as a management trainee and this association is now 5 years long.

Because I have worked in Human Resources and Marketing departments, I understand the style of communicating your thoughts and ideas to others. I have developed exceptional writing and editing skills that have strengthen my ability to communicate.

My resume has a mention of all the accomplishments I have made during this tenure and how they will be helpful in performing my duties as an Assistant Communications Manager.

I appreciate your consideration. I look forward to discuss my potential for this profile with a promise to take our company to newer heights.

Best Regards,


Adam Smith

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