Relieving Letter for Contract Employees

Relieving Letter for Contract Employees

Relieving letters are very important as they are a certification that a particular employee has worked with the company for a particular duration and now he is relieved from his duties and responsibilities. It is a formal letter stating a satisfactory performance with the company.

If you have to pen down a relieving letter for contract employees as the HR manager of your company then here is a template example to help you accomplish the task in a professional and smart manner. Make sure you keep the tone polite and letter short and sweet.

Sample Relieving Letter for Contract Employees


Adam Brown,

Marketing Executive,

Employee Id: 12345

Sub: Relieving Letter

Dear Mr. Brown,

This is to certify that Mr. Brown was working with us in the position of Marketing Executive from 01.02.2014 to 30.11.2014.

During this period, we found him a wonderful employee who delivered satisfactory performance.
We wish him all the best for all future endeavors.


HR, Manager,

ABC Corps Ltd.

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