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Employees Salary Transfer Letter to Bank

Being the HR manager of your company, the onus of salary transfer of your employees is on your shoulders. If you have some new employee in the company for which you want the salary transfer to be made or you want the salary transfers of your present employees to be made then you must write a formal employee salary transfer letter to bank instructing the bank to do the needful.

Given below is a sample format for employee salary transfer letter to bank to help you create a personalized draft with important details required to be included. Use this template given for quick and easy reference.

Employees salary transfer letter format to bank

Andrew Cullen

HR Manager

XYZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

123 Prospect Ave, Apt 111


Date: 30th July, 2016


John Smith
Bank Manager
ABC Bank Pvt. Ltd.
123 Park Avenue

Sub: Employee Salary Transfer Letter

Dear Sir,

On behalf of XYZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd., I request you to please debit salary of our employees from our bank account, the details of which have been mentioned below:

Name                          Account No.                 Amount

Mary Smith                 123-456-789                $5000

Hugh John                   111-222-444                $5400

Ana Maria                   781-456-113                $4800

Joseph Roy                  564-987-321                $3800

Thanking in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Cullen

HR Manager

XYZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Best 7 Skills Employers Want in Employees

Whenever we go for an interview, we are always keen on knowing the skills that are important for getting selected. These are some of the skills which every employer looks for in the candidates, no matter what position you are applying for.

Types of Skills

There are two kinds of skills:

  • Soft Skills

They take into account your attributes and inter-personal skills that are helpful in working and being successful in your professional life.

  • Hard Skills

They take into account all the abilities and knowledge you need to possess in order to do a particular job. They are more tangible and are must in order to accomplish your task with effectiveness.

Top 7 Skills Employers Look For

Here is the list of the topmost 7 skills that every employer looks for while recruiting a candidate. These skills do not depend upon the profile or package and are must for every candidate to possess in order to get selected.

Communication Skills

When you are in an organization, you need to communicate effectively. Whether it is written communication or verbal communication, you need to be able to communicate with effectiveness and confidence with people above and below you. This would surely help you share your views without any confusion and would help others understand you better. Only knowledge is not sufficient, if you cannot communicate it right.

Optimistic Approach

Employers always want to hire those candidates who are positive in their approach. This is important because they have the courage to work under challenging situations. They have the capability to work with flexibility and utmost dedication in order to accomplish their task.

Analytical Skill

You should also be able to analyze the situation and figure out things independently. Analytical skills vary according to your profile and responsibilities you shoulder but are always important in order to work in a planned and organized manner. If you cannot think and analyze, you cannot work independently.

Interpersonal Skills

It is very important for you to have interpersonal skills which help you interact with people around you. It is of extreme importance that you are able to engage with people with confidence and comfort and this is judged during your interview because no company wants an employee who is lost in his own thoughts.

Skills to Work in Team

Companies look for candidates who are good team workers. They want employees who are cooperative and coordinating as they can achieve better targets and help organization grow. You must make sure that you share some experience which reflects your ability to work with team effectively. A team worker is always an asset to the organization.

Technical Skills

These skills are very much subjective to your job profile. But nevertheless, every profile requires some or the other technical skills. For instance, these days every candidate is expected to use computers. You are expected to know MS Office which is considered one of the basics. Make sure you are friendly with basic technical skills, if you are going for a job which doesn’t require specific technical skills.

Leadership Skills

If the company is hiring for a position which includes leadership role then they want a candidate who can confidently interact with people, listen to their problems, motivate them to work and bring out the best out of everyone in the group. In case you are applying for a job which doesn’t require leadership skills then also this is an important skill to have if you want to climb high in the ladder.

With these top 7 skills, you will always have brighter chances of getting selected in the interview. So when you are going for the interview, make sure you are able to put forward these skills directly or indirectly.

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Wonderful Attrition Retention Report

Every organization has new employees joining the company and few leaving the company. The attrition retention report is designed with a purpose to look into the number of people who have left the company and the reasons behind leaving the company so that right strategy can be worked out in order to reduce the attrition rate based on the yearly reports. This report falls under the responsibility of the HR department and is very important as human resources are the strongest assets of any company.

Click to download Wonderful Attrition Retention Report

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Letter To Employees Asking For Submitting The Original Certificates

Every company has its own rules. Some companies ask for original certificates and some don’t. If you are the HR manager of your company and you have been asked to collect the original certificates of your employees then you must write a formal letter to them asking them to submit their original certificates with the company.

If you are not sure how to frame such letters then use the sample format of letter addressing the employees, asking them to submit the original certificates to frame your customized letter with all the details. Such letters are quite simple, sorted and short in length as you do not need to share too much of information.

Sample Letter To Employees Asking For Submitting The Original Certificates

Robert Wills

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

B 15 6th Block
Jackson Street

Date: 02.15.2016

Samantha Brown

123 52nd Park Street


Dear Ms. Brown,

This is to inform you that the company has decided to collect the original certificates from all the employees who are working on rolls of the company. This decision was made during the annual meeting of the company which happened the last month.

You are requested to please submit your original certificates with the HR department by January 15th, 2016. These documents should include originals related with your education qualifications and your prior experience. They will stay safe in company records and you can have them back when you are no longer associated with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

If you have any queries regarding the same, please feel free to get in touch with the HR department.

Looking forward for the submissions.


Robert Wills

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Request Letter for Late in Submission of Documents

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Writing a Formal Welcome Letter to New Employee

Whenever there is a new person joining your office, you must make sure that you make him feel comfortable and warm. It all starts with writing a formal welcome letter to the new employee giving him a warm reception on his joining. Such letters have to be very motivating to the new candidate so that he feels all charged up and enthusiastic to begin a new chapter in his career.

Here is a sample of formal welcome letter to new employee which has been shared below for your reference. You can use it for creating a personalized letter with all essential details.

Sample Welcome Letter to New Employee

Ana Simon,

Human Resource Manager
ABC Corporation Ltd.
123, Genuine Street
New York 123 456

Date: 14th December, 2015


Mr. Henry Jack
112, Richmond Apartments
New York 456 123

Dear Mr. Jack,

Welcome aboard!!! We are pleased to have you as a member of our organization. The reason you have been selected for the profile of Marketing Manager is because you possess all the characteristics needed for this job as displayed during the course of interview.

I am very hopeful that you will develop into a wonderful employee and you are going to impress us with your commitment, concern and compassion towards your duties and responsibilities. I hope that you are able to enjoy your work and find it challenging and rewarding.

Wishing you all the best as you are all set to begin a new journey. I expect each day comes with new opportunities that help you grow. I am very much concerned about your growth and development and at any point in time, you feel the need to have my guidance, I am always available to help you. The important traits that are going to help you have a smooth and rewarding working include reliability, dependability, being open, attentiveness, documentation, reporting and follow up etc. By imbibing these qualities and putting them into work, you will surely be successful which indirectly will help the company grow.

Please go through your yearly goals before starting with work to have an understanding of what is expected out of you as a part of our big family. I look forward for your performance in line with the rules of our company and to see you strengthen our relationships with our clients which are valuable to us.


Ana Simon,

Human Resource Manager
ABC Corporation Ltd.

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How to Write a Letter Of Encouragement to Employees With sample

Encouragement works as the greatest motivation for everyone. And to keep your employees motivated and working hard, you must write encouragement letters to them to keep up their spirits high. As an owner of your company or the manager or team leader in your organization, you must write such kind of letters to keep their performance levels and morals high.

This post talks about the steps which are essential for writing a professional encouragement letter along with the sample. Use these steps to frame your personalized letter with all the essential points and utilize the template given below to create a customized formal draft.

Steps for Writing Encouragement Letter to Employees

  • Acknowledge the Achievement

If your team of employees has accomplished something then you must begin your letter by acknowledging and appreciating their good work. It is extremely important for the employees that their work is acknowledged by their employers as it means the world to them. So always start your letter by mentioning and applauding their good work.

  • Show Them They are Important

We call our employees Human Resources as they are the biggest assets to any company. Your encouragement letter must express this kind of feeling to them. Always express to your team that they are valued and cared by the company and it is because of their hard work and diligence that the company is growing. This surely induces lots of self worth and high spirits in them which motivates them to work harder.

  • Appreciate, But Keep it Genuine

You must appreciate the good work of your team but do not make it look fake. Genuine appreciation is what every person demands. So whatever you are saying to your employees, keep it real and from your heart.

  • Mind the Tone

It is extremely important that you keep the tone of the letter positive. In case you want to make a critical remark, do it smartly without making any direct comments. The idea is to highlight some issue that you feel needs attention without hurting anyone.

  • Mind the Language

Do not use very harsh or hard language in encouragement letter. Such kind of language can disappoint your employees to the largest extent. Keep it soft and express that you care for your team of employees.

  • Thank Them

In the end of the letter, it is very important to thank your team for their hard work, perseverance and dedication. This is surely the best way to end your letter.

Sample Encouragement Letter to Employees

Sub: Encouragement Letter to Employees

Dear Team,

It feels really amazing to be heading a team of such talented and hard working people. I would like to congratulate all the employees of sales department for exceeding their quarterly targets with their hard work and dedication. Your performance has been really very inspiring. You have always been a strong pillar because of which our organization has been able to come this far.

You have offered the best of your services to the clients because of which we have been able to generate so much of revenue. Your hard work and consistency has really helped us grow.

As you know that our new quarter has begun and it is time to again impress others with our supersonic performance. We must keep in mind the teachings of the previous quarter and work harder to beat our own records that we had set in the last quarter. I am sure we can achieve higher sales targets without any problems because we have always aimed higher and worked with complete dedication to meet those goals. I am sure we are going to deliver higher performance in this quarter as well. And as you know that as per the norms of the company, the best performer will be rewarded.

All of you have proved that you are hardworking employees who never hesitate in putting in the best of your efforts to bring success to your organization. We are sure that you are going to impress all our clients with your impeccable services and assistance.

We again thank you for your wonderful performance and hope for more enthralling performance in future.


Jacob Smith

Marketing Manager

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Tips on Training Employees for Managerial Posts

It is always good to train an employee from within your company than to hire someone who is new to the organization. This helps you have a better manager who is more informed about the work culture and business, something at which he doesn’t need to be trained.

Now the question is how to train your present employees to help them become efficient managers. This article talks about some very useful tips on training them so that they are ready to fit in the new role. Read through these amazing guidelines which are extremely helpful for both small and big businesses thereby helping them save hiring costs and have a much competent person handling the managerial position.

  • Go For Overall Training

It is important that you train your employees in general and not specifically in relation with a particular profile. This is helpful in increasing the productivity of the employee and also helps in their retention as they are able to handle things which are outside the purview of their present job profile. This is essential because a manager needs to know every job so that he can have an understanding of the nitty-gritty attached with it.

  • Encouraging Learning Environment

It is extremely important for an organization to have learning culture so that the employees are always proactive in learning new things. They are able to learn the trick to learn new things in varied situations for better performance. With this you can have all your employees develop a level of comfort when it comes to learning. They would not shy away from catching up a new skill or understanding new style of working. They will always be positive about learning something new.

  • Train Them to Use Right Tricks

As a manager, a person needs to know various skills other than his job profile that are important for him to perform his managerial duties. These include skills to delegate the tasks amongst different people, to ranks tasks in order of priorities, to define goals for the team for better productivity and performance, to manage people, to define communication channels, to be able to design a plan and put it to execution and to exercise their leadership skills in the most effective and impressive way. All these tricks are essential for everyday working.

  • Train to Develop Comfortable Communication

Communication is the soul of any company and it is the duty of the manager to maintain a smooth and comfortable channel of communication between the employees so that the working is not hampered. This includes having a friendly approach to communicate, to be able to use the technical terminology while talking and to have interactive sessions.

  • Train to Develop Leadership Qualities

When we talk about manager, the most important quality for such a profile is leadership. If a person misses on this skill then he can do no good to the company. Therefore, the employee needs to be trained on this quality. Not only this, he should also be trained on how he can help his team member become leaders in whatever work they do so that they care able to perform their duties with better authority and confidence. This can be done by making the employee handle small leadership situations so that he learns to lead the situation and generate better performance. You must start training him from low level opportunities so that he can gradually learn the way to lead.

  • Develop Better Understanding

If you want to hire a manager from within your organization then in order to have him attain corporate skills, you must help them have a better understanding of the business by introducing them to the information about which they are not aware at present. They should be made aware of the importance of their profile and the job they do so that they can see how their working affects the working of their employees and hence has an influence on the performance of the company. A manager should always have a macro view of every situation. He cannot survive on a smaller picture. Therefore, it is very important for the company to train the employee look beyond what he already knows and think out of box in order to deal with everyday challenges.

These are a few points which talk about the training tips which can transform your regular employee into an efficient and smart manager who knows how to lead, plan and act in the most amazing manner which helps your company grow.

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Guide To Manage Part-Time Employees in Summers

Summers are the times when you can hire lots of part-time employees who can be really beneficial for your business. There are various stores and restaurants that hire seasonal staff which includes college interns. If you are also doing so then here is an article unfolding the useful tips on managing the part-time summer employees in an effective way. Make sure you read this comprehensive guide and keep it organized or else it can turn into a big mess for you.

Follow these tips to make optimum utilization of these seasonal job seekers. Here are some points that you must consider.

It Begins With Faith

Faith is the first and foremost point. It is difficult for managers to trust seasonal employees as they know that they are in the company for a couple of months and hence they cannot resist themselves from keeping a check on them. But then this adversely affects the performance of the employees. So make sure that you trust them and they will be able to deliver better performance. You must have confidence that you have hired the right person.

Do Not Pay Pennies

It is just not fair to pay these part-time workers pennies because they are joining you just for summer time. A fair pay is important to motivate the workers and to keep them committed and energetic. You must pay them a competitive price for their work so that they don’t feel exploited. Also make sure that you take into account the laws on minimum wages, taxes etc. so that you are following all the laws.

Keep Standards High

It is all about expectations. The more you expect from your employees, the harder they work in order to meet your expectations. Do think that because there are joining you for a couple of weeks so they are not going to perform. In fact you must think that they are the fresh and energetic lot and they have the potential to set new records. If you are able to express your high expectations then they will work hard to meet them.

Train Them

It is extremely important that when you are hiring new summer interns you train them. Without giving them a basic training about how your company functions, what role they need to play, what responsibilities they need to shoulder, it will become very difficult for them to understand the working and deliver expected performance. But when you train them and educate them about all of these points, they are able to deliver better performance.

Make Them a Part of the Team

As the summer employees are going to be around for a couple of months, it is important that they are treated as the part of the organization. For that you must introduce them with the other team members so that they feel comfortable. You can have a small introduction session where you can have them introduced with your staff. You must also give them name tags or IDs to bring a consistency.

Design Projects for More Commitment

Instead of giving them just any task, you must allot them small summer projects so that they work with greater commitment and focus. You need to understand that they are coming to you to learn something, to gain some experience. You must not allot them with simply anything but a proper project which will help them stay committed to their work and they will make sure that they are able to complete it with desired output. This way they will be able to learn something and have this experience added to their resume.

Allow Them Experience Various Aspects

Do not just limit them to one thing. As they are here for a small time, they feel disconnected. To help them learn better, you must help them touch different aspects of the working instead of just one thing. This will help them have a macro view of the company’s working which will help them have better understanding of business processes. This will bring more clarity in the way they look at companies and their working.

Don’t Miss on Feedback

When you have a seasonal employee in your company, you must always ask him for feedback on different things to get a different view on the present status. This is a good way of bringing in notice the problem areas in your company and resolve the conflicting situations that are adversely affecting the performance of your organization.

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5 Indications That Your Employees Are Going to Leave the Company

The success of the company lies in hiring and retaining good employees in the company. A company should work hard to make sure that all good people stay in the organization. But sometimes despite all the efforts, these valuable assets leave. Therefore, you must stay vigilant so that you don’t end up losing them. This is only possible if you grab the warning signals on time and save the good men leaving your company.

This post talks about 5 indications that every manager or company owner must look for in order to avoid such a situation.

1. Look for Signs of Cheating

You may also come across employees searching for new jobs during the office hours by checking out the internet job postings or making calls to other companies when they are free or going for job interviews by taking a leave. If you observe any of these signs then you must act before it is too late.

Solution: You must ask the employee that reason why he wants to leave the company. If he gives some reasons like he is not comfortable working in the team then you can suggest him possible solutions. If he is looking for more a hike in career then you can show him possibilities that lie with your company which can help you retain him.

2. Crisis at Personal Ends

One must not forget that every person has a professional and personal life and problems in one can adversely affect the other. If there is an employee in your organization who is undergoing some problem in his personal life like a demise of a family member, serious health issue in family or divorce then of course priorities in his life are going to change. He may start looking for better options which fit his list of priorities.

Solution: As the manager or company owner, you must always be aware of the personal life of your employees. Asking them about their families is a way of expressing your concern. You can even give them small break from work so that they can take care of their personal problems effectively without bothering about their job.

3. Expectations and Jealousy

There are all kinds of people working in a company, each with a different attitude and aptitude. In the midst of all this it sometimes happens that a go-getter in the company doesn’t get promoted and someone else does. This can be a situation wherein chances of jealousy increase because that employee was expecting a promotion based on his good performance.

Solution: Whenever you notice any employee talking about his hurt feelings or is angry or upset then you must address to the situation at the earliest by talking it out with him. You must make him understand the situation and reassure him that his efforts are acknowledged by the company. You can also help him enrolled for some additional training program.

4. They Simply Say it

If your employee tells you on your face that he is not happy working with the company then chances are bright that soon he is going to put up his resignation. Most of the times, employees don’t want to express themselves but sometimes they actually say it because they are deeply frustrated or disturbed. This is a sign that they are deeply unhappy with the organization and they want to leave.

Solution: If at all you find any employee making such a remark then never ever let it go. Ask him what he doesn’t like or what he desires. This will give you an insight to the problem and you can work out feasible solutions.

5. Don’t Stay Extra

If your employee leaves as soon the clock strikes the closing time or leaves just before it then it is one of the very first few signs that can be observed. It shows that he is not interested in investing any of his personal time at office because he is not connected with the company anymore. He doesn’t wish to stay longer to complete his pending task which otherwise would have been a matter of concern for him.

Solution: As soon as you see your employee leaving the office just on time then you must talk to him at the earliest or this is soon going to change into an intense situation in which his behavior will reflect his disinterest in the organization. So act before it is too late.

It is always good to act when you see sign warning signs in your company in order to retain your good people but make sure that you don’t do such a thing at the cost of the norms of your company because otherwise it can be really very damaging. You must know the best possible solution without making unreasonable compromises.

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Offer Letter for Transferred Employees

Sometimes firms transfer their employees from branch to another or from one department to another. In such a scenario, one must know the art of writing a professionally pleasant beautifully framed offer letter welcoming the transferred employee in the department. It must contain all the necessary details concerning the title of job, date of joining and salary that will be offered to the candidate. It is important that you must include the finest of the details to complete your letter.

Given below is an example sample offer letter for transferred employees meeting all the standards that are important. Use it as a reference for framing a customized draft.

Sample Offer Letter for Transferred Employees

Date: 9th January, 2015

John Smith

123 Herald Apartments,

New York 123 456

Re: Job Number 1234

Dear Mr. Smith,

Congratulations!  I am pleased to offer you the position of Senior Assistant Professor at the College of Commerce at the University of Mills at Austin. We are offering you a salary of $5,000 per month, which equates to an amount of $60,000 per year.  Your date of joining for the same will be 10st February, 2015. You will report to me at 9 a.m. on this date. Your work schedule will be from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

From now on, you will no longer be working on the post of Assistant Professor at University of Texas. This position was for a limited duration and hence your employment is contingent, in part, upon completion of the project.

In case, you have any further queries or questions regarding this job offer, please feel free to contact me at 123-45678. I request you to please sign and return a copy of this offer letter prior to or no later than your date of joining.

Again, a heartious congratulation on your selection. This is quite an important position at the University of Mills at Austin.  This is an exciting time for us and we look forward to you joining our team.


Jim Simon

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