5 Indications That Your Employees Are Going to Leave the Company

The success of the company lies in hiring and retaining good employees in the company. A company should work hard to make sure that all good people stay in the organization. But sometimes despite all the efforts, these valuable assets leave. Therefore, you must stay vigilant so that you don’t end up losing them. This is only possible if you grab the warning signals on time and save the good men leaving your company.

This post talks about 5 indications that every manager or company owner must look for in order to avoid such a situation.

1. Look for Signs of Cheating

You may also come across employees searching for new jobs during the office hours by checking out the internet job postings or making calls to other companies when they are free or going for job interviews by taking a leave. If you observe any of these signs then you must act before it is too late.

Solution: You must ask the employee that reason why he wants to leave the company. If he gives some reasons like he is not comfortable working in the team then you can suggest him possible solutions. If he is looking for more a hike in career then you can show him possibilities that lie with your company which can help you retain him.

2. Crisis at Personal Ends

One must not forget that every person has a professional and personal life and problems in one can adversely affect the other. If there is an employee in your organization who is undergoing some problem in his personal life like a demise of a family member, serious health issue in family or divorce then of course priorities in his life are going to change. He may start looking for better options which fit his list of priorities.

Solution: As the manager or company owner, you must always be aware of the personal life of your employees. Asking them about their families is a way of expressing your concern. You can even give them small break from work so that they can take care of their personal problems effectively without bothering about their job.

3. Expectations and Jealousy

There are all kinds of people working in a company, each with a different attitude and aptitude. In the midst of all this it sometimes happens that a go-getter in the company doesn’t get promoted and someone else does. This can be a situation wherein chances of jealousy increase because that employee was expecting a promotion based on his good performance.

Solution: Whenever you notice any employee talking about his hurt feelings or is angry or upset then you must address to the situation at the earliest by talking it out with him. You must make him understand the situation and reassure him that his efforts are acknowledged by the company. You can also help him enrolled for some additional training program.

4. They Simply Say it

If your employee tells you on your face that he is not happy working with the company then chances are bright that soon he is going to put up his resignation. Most of the times, employees don’t want to express themselves but sometimes they actually say it because they are deeply frustrated or disturbed. This is a sign that they are deeply unhappy with the organization and they want to leave.

Solution: If at all you find any employee making such a remark then never ever let it go. Ask him what he doesn’t like or what he desires. This will give you an insight to the problem and you can work out feasible solutions.

5. Don’t Stay Extra

If your employee leaves as soon the clock strikes the closing time or leaves just before it then it is one of the very first few signs that can be observed. It shows that he is not interested in investing any of his personal time at office because he is not connected with the company anymore. He doesn’t wish to stay longer to complete his pending task which otherwise would have been a matter of concern for him.

Solution: As soon as you see your employee leaving the office just on time then you must talk to him at the earliest or this is soon going to change into an intense situation in which his behavior will reflect his disinterest in the organization. So act before it is too late.

It is always good to act when you see sign warning signs in your company in order to retain your good people but make sure that you don’t do such a thing at the cost of the norms of your company because otherwise it can be really very damaging. You must know the best possible solution without making unreasonable compromises.