How to Write a Letter Of Encouragement to Employees With sample

Encouragement works as the greatest motivation for everyone. And to keep your employees motivated and working hard, you must write encouragement letters to them to keep up their spirits high. As an owner of your company or the manager or team leader in your organization, you must write such kind of letters to keep their performance levels and morals high.

This post talks about the steps which are essential for writing a professional encouragement letter along with the sample. Use these steps to frame your personalized letter with all the essential points and utilize the template given below to create a customized formal draft.

Steps for Writing Encouragement Letter to Employees

  • Acknowledge the Achievement

If your team of employees has accomplished something then you must begin your letter by acknowledging and appreciating their good work. It is extremely important for the employees that their work is acknowledged by their employers as it means the world to them. So always start your letter by mentioning and applauding their good work.

  • Show Them They are Important

We call our employees Human Resources as they are the biggest assets to any company. Your encouragement letter must express this kind of feeling to them. Always express to your team that they are valued and cared by the company and it is because of their hard work and diligence that the company is growing. This surely induces lots of self worth and high spirits in them which motivates them to work harder.

  • Appreciate, But Keep it Genuine

You must appreciate the good work of your team but do not make it look fake. Genuine appreciation is what every person demands. So whatever you are saying to your employees, keep it real and from your heart.

  • Mind the Tone

It is extremely important that you keep the tone of the letter positive. In case you want to make a critical remark, do it smartly without making any direct comments. The idea is to highlight some issue that you feel needs attention without hurting anyone.

  • Mind the Language

Do not use very harsh or hard language in encouragement letter. Such kind of language can disappoint your employees to the largest extent. Keep it soft and express that you care for your team of employees.

  • Thank Them

In the end of the letter, it is very important to thank your team for their hard work, perseverance and dedication. This is surely the best way to end your letter.

Sample Encouragement Letter to Employees

Sub: Encouragement Letter to Employees

Dear Team,

It feels really amazing to be heading a team of such talented and hard working people. I would like to congratulate all the employees of sales department for exceeding their quarterly targets with their hard work and dedication. Your performance has been really very inspiring. You have always been a strong pillar because of which our organization has been able to come this far.

You have offered the best of your services to the clients because of which we have been able to generate so much of revenue. Your hard work and consistency has really helped us grow.

As you know that our new quarter has begun and it is time to again impress others with our supersonic performance. We must keep in mind the teachings of the previous quarter and work harder to beat our own records that we had set in the last quarter. I am sure we can achieve higher sales targets without any problems because we have always aimed higher and worked with complete dedication to meet those goals. I am sure we are going to deliver higher performance in this quarter as well. And as you know that as per the norms of the company, the best performer will be rewarded.

All of you have proved that you are hardworking employees who never hesitate in putting in the best of your efforts to bring success to your organization. We are sure that you are going to impress all our clients with your impeccable services and assistance.

We again thank you for your wonderful performance and hope for more enthralling performance in future.


Jacob Smith

Marketing Manager

Thank you Letter to Employees for Hard Work