IT Recruiter Interview Questions and Answers

IT Recruiter job Interview questions and answers

IT Recruiters are responsible for placing competent candidates within organizations for various positions. They connect the company with candidates who have the right skills and background. IT Recruiter position is a challenging position that require excellent communication, internet and research skills. If you are interviewing for an IT Recruiter position you need to prepare yourself before appearing for your interview. You will find below some frequently asked questions in IT Recruiter interview. You should be prepared with other questions as well. Whatever you say, you should sound confident.

1 Q: Why do you want to work here?

A: Do not answer in a way that sounds like you are greedy of salary and benefits. You can talk about the company’s reputation and growth. To say about the company, you need to research about the company before appearing for the interview. You can relate the company’s direction to your career goals and desires. Also, say how you are going to contribute to the company.

2 Q: What was your greatest accomplishment in your previous job?

A: Make sure that the accomplishment you say relates to the position you are interviewing. Talk with enthusiasm about your achievement. An interviewer may find it as untrue if you are not excited about it. You can talk about how you achieved it but remember not to make it too lengthy or else you may be viewed as a proud person.

3 Q:. What is your weakness?

A: Do not say unbelievable responses like you don’t have any weakness. Nobody is perfect and therefore, you will also have some weakness. Give an honest weakness which does not directly relate to the job of IT Recruiter or you can also describe of a weakness that you had at your previous job and explain the steps you took to overcome it.

4 Q: How do you handle stressful situations and working under pressure?

A: An IT Recruiter will face at times stressful situations and working under pressure. Give specific examples of stressful situations and how well you dealt with them. If the job role demands working under pressure, you should very well say that you work well under such situations. The interviewer through this question judges you whether you are capable to work under such stressful situations.

5 Q: Are you applying for other jobs?

A: The interviewer wishes to find out whether you are serious about changing your job. Your seriousness will come from the fact that you are applying to other similar companies also. Be honest in your answer but avoid going too much in detail. You need not mention names of companies at this stage.

6 Q: What is your greatest strength?

A: The interviewer through this question is looking for work related strengths. Mention few of your strengths which also relate to the job of an IT recruiter. For example good communication and research skills are required in an IT recruiter. Whatever you say, be prepared to give examples that illustrate your skill.

7 Q:. What is your biggest weakness?

A: This is a challenging question but you need to be realistic in your answer. Mention a small work related weakness. You can also say about a strength which is designed as a weakness. Mention what you have done to overcome it and improve your weakness. Limit your answer to a few sentences.

8 Q:. What has been your biggest professional disappointment so far?

A: You need to talk about a disappointment which was beyond your control or else it will be viewed as your weakness. At the same time, be positive about how you accepted the situation. Do not show any negative feelings and talk for only two to three minutes for this answer.

9 Q:. Why should we hire you?

A: You need to highlight your skills and abilities in this question. Do not repeat what you have already said. Say what sets you apart from other candidates. Do not compare yourself with them. Make sure you focus on you. Describe why you make a suitable fit for the job and the company. Also say what you can contribute to the company through your skills and experience.

10 Q: Do you have any questions for us?

A: Have some questions prepared before appearing for your interview. This will show that you have taken some time out to research about the company and you have within you a desire to learn more. You can ask questions about your job role or how challenging it will be etc. Limit your questions to three to four questions.

11 Q: What are you looking for in this job of IT Recruiter?

A: This question lets the interviewer know whether the candidate has the desire to grow. Interviewers generally look for candidates who seem to be moving along a career path. Show your motivation and enthusiasm about the position you are interviewing for.

11 Q: What important skills are needed for the job of IT Recruiter?

A: The skills needed for the job of an IT Recruiter include good communication skills, interviewing skills and people skills. Give examples where you have shown such skills in your previous jobs. You need to give an honest answer to this question.

12 Q: What is your philosophy towards work?

A: Just say about your basic values that you adopt at workplace in a few sentences. You need not give a lengthy answer to this question. Be honest and specific in your answer. Mention what other things you do to bring positive energy in the team at work.