IT Manager Interview Questions and Answers

IT Manager job Interview Questions and Answers

An IT Manager is responsible for ensuring that the streamlined operation of the IT Department is in alignment with the business objectives of the organization. IT Manager has to plan, coordinate, direct and design IT related activities of the organization, as well as provide administrative direction and support for daily operational activities of the IT department. Following are some frequently asked IT Manager Interview questions and answers. Be confident while giving your interview. Apart from the below questions you should be prepared with other questions as well.

1 Q: Are you aware of the responsibilities of an IT Manager?

A: IT Manager’s responsibilities can vary greatly depending on the size and structure of the company. The managerial role involves supervising the development, maintenance and security of computer and information network systems. The nature of IT manager responsibilities can also include encrypting and tracking information collected from consumers visiting the site to developing and overseeing the upgrading and installation of system related software and hardware. However it is also important to look after the job description before answering this question.

2 Q: Why do you think you are suitable for the post of IT Manager?

A: You need to sell your skills in this answer. Describe the skills required for an IT Manager. Strong organizational skills, analytical skills, communication skills and management skills are required by an IT Manager. Mention how you have shown these skills in your previous job and also say how you can contribute to the company.

3 Q:. What were your responsibilities in your previous job?

A: The best answer for this question will be to describe your responsibilities and relate them to the job you are interviewing for. Try to connect your responsibilities with those listed in the job description for the position of IT Manager. A proper description will enable the interviewer to see you as a good fit for the job position. It is also important that you are honest and confident while answering.

4 Q: How will you handle a customer related problem to a service?

A: In IT environments, service issues are common problems. So, an IT manager has to handle such issues which are not managed by his team. With your own experience and knowledge describe the steps you will take to resolve the customer related problem. Efforts to improve service delivery should be mentioned.

5 Q: Have you ever been assigned a task or project outside your job role? How did you handle it?

A: The interviewer wants to know about your willingness to accept new task and projects outside your job role. There are many changes that happen in an IT industry. Give examples from your previous jobs where you have been assigned such task or project and describe how you achieved success in doing the task. Through this question, the interviewer also wants to judge the ability to adapt yourself in different situations.

6 Q: What do you think about your decision making skills?

A: Decision making skill is an important skill for IT Managers. You need to describe examples from your previous job where you made important decisions. Also, say about the result of the decision and how it contributed to the company. You can also say about your decision making process and arriving at the correct decision.

7 Q:. As an IT Manager, what will be your way to direct the project or direct the people?

A: Here the interviewer wishes to know about your way of work. As a Manager, you have to direct the project as well as direct the people. As a Manager, you need to contribute in achieving the goals of the organization.

8 Q:. Why should we hire you?

A: You need to mention about your strengths which can add value to the job you are applying for. Say something which will make you stand apart from other candidates. You can say about your achievements and the skills you have learnt from your current job which will help you in the job you are interviewing for.

9 Q:. Why are you leaving your current job?

A: Do not be negative while answering this question. Mention reasons which bring you in a positive light. You can say that you are looking for professional growth and new challenges. Try to be positive and keep the answer short.

10 Q: How long do you expect to stay with our organization?

A: You should ensure the interviewer that you will stay back for a long period. Avoid giving any number of years , say in such a way that makes the interviewer think that you are going to contribute to the company for a much greater time.