IT Sales Interview Questions and Answers

IT Sales Interview questions and answers

An IT Sales person will be responsible for selling hardware and software products as part of a sales team. The main responsibilities of IT sales include meeting the client and determining his needs, decide whether the software or hardware meets the needs of the client, answering technical questions and presenting the findings to the technical team to act on and also to the client. An IT sales person will need to have patience and ability to interpret technical language for non technical people. Following are some IT Sales Interview questions and answers. These questions are the most frequently asked questions in IT Sales interview. You can prepare yourself with these questions before appearing for your interview.

1 Q: What according to you are the most important sales skills?

A: The interviewer will be looking at your sales skills. Sales jobs need abilities and skills. An IT Sales person should have excellent selling skills, technical knowledge, presentation skills and negotiating skills. These skills are important for a successful IT Sales person. You can also give examples of the skills you have demonstrated in your previous jobs.

2 Q: What do you dislike about sales?

A: Try to give a generic answer to the question. Answer in a positive way and give a characteristic about your previous company which you dislike. Do not make your answer very lengthy because your dislike may also be viewed as a weakness. Keep it short and to the point.

3 Q:. How do you handle rejection?

A: Rejections are very common in sales. Try to give an honest answer on how you handle rejections. A positive attitude is what is actually required in sales. All customers do not purchase what you are selling. They will give you different reasons for not buying. You need to answer the way you move on to the next prospect without much disappointment. Say about how you use rejection as a motivator and an opportunity to learn.

4 Q: What interests you most about this IT sales position?

A: The interviewer will want to know how much interest you have in selling. You need to do some research about the company and its IT products. You have to give reasons why you want to sell the company’s IT products. You need to show interest in the company’s strategies while giving your answer.

5 Q: What motivates you?

A: A salesperson should always be motivated in order to make sales. Show your interest and enthusiasm for the sales position. You need to express your self motivation and how you motivate yourself should also be described. You can also give an example from your past jobs.

6 Q: What will you say about your sales history in your previous jobs?

A: The interviewer will be looking for a candidate who has experience in sales. Talk about your sales achievement in your previous jobs. Be prepared for this question before your interview so that you can give sales number as to how you have achieved your sales goals.

7 Q:. How do you present a new product for a client?

A: The interviewer will want to view an actual presentation. You need to demonstrate your selling skills here. Be confident and enthusiastic to show your ability to sell. It would be best to research about the company’s products so that you can speak well about their IT products and potential client base.

8 Q:. What do you find most rewarding about being in sales?

A: It is important that you show how much you enjoy in doing sales. You can also give examples like you enjoy interacting with people, meeting new people etc. Avoid saying that you find money as the most rewarding factor. The interviewer wants to look whether you like sales job and whether you have the motivation needed for making sales.

9 Q:. What makes you a good sales person?

A: Here you have to bring out your skills and abilities which make you a good sales person. Being patient and ambitious are few skills, however you need to find the skills which you possess that makes you a good sales person. You need to be honest and confident while answering this question. The interviewer is looking for an honest person who also makes a good sales person.

10 Q: Are you happy with the way your career is moving?

A: Through this question the interviewer wants to judge your self confidence, attitude and your goals. You need to give a positive answer and explain your career from the beginning till date. You can mention that by joining the company you are interviewing for you will be able to move in the right direction. Give importance to the job you are interviewing for.

11 Q:. What are your strengths?

A: Concentrate on discussing your main strengths. The strengths you mention should relate to the job of IT Sales. Say three or four strengths and also be prepared to give examples. For example you can say that your positive attitude, achieving targets etc are some of your key strengths.

12 Q: What are your weaknesses?

A: You should not deny that you don’t have any weakness. Say something which is not directly related to the job you are interviewing for or mention a weakness which can also be viewed as strength. Also mention the steps you are taking to overcome your weakness.

13 Q: Why do you want to leave your current job?

A: Give positive reasons for leaving your current job. You can say reasons like new challenges, more responsibility, or a change of environment. You should be careful not to say anything negative about your job even if it is the truth. Also do not mention salary to be your reason for leaving your current job.