IT Fresher Interview Questions and Answers

IT Fresher Interview questions

For an IT Fresher interview it is necessary to take the time to know about the company and about the job you are interviewing for. In order to be successful, you need to mention the skills and abilities that are required for an IT Fresher. Preparing yourself with some frequently asked questions is very necessary so as to be successful in your interview. Below are some frequently asked IT Fresher interview questions and answers for your preparation. During your interview you need to be confident while answering questions so as to impress the interviewer. You should also be prepared with some technical questions which are also asked by interviewers.

1 Q: Say something about yourself.

A: While answering this question you need not repeat the information that is already written in your resume. Say only relevant and important details. As a fresher, you don’t have anything to talk about your previous job, so you can very well describe about your qualities and achievements. Do not make it very long. You should know where you need to stop.

2 Q: What do you know about our company?

A: Do a good research about the company like its history, profile, achievement and activities. You need to give only the main points and also add some information which is useful for the company. For this you have to spend time on websites, press release, journals etc. The interviewer is interested in finding out whether you are interested in the company or not.

3 Q:. Are you able to handle pressure?

A: As a fresher, it is important for the interviewer to find out whether you will be able to work effectively under pressure. You should answer in an optimistic and positive way. You should say that you take pressure as a challenge and would like to work under pressure. You can give examples of your projects which you have done in the past and where you had to work under pressure to meet the deadlines.

4 Q: What has been the greatest disappointment in your life?

A: You can mention about your personal disappointment also. It is not necessary that everyone will have a career related disappointment. Whatever you say it should not reflect your weakness. Say about how you moved on after facing the disappointment.

5 Q: Do you prefer to work independently or in a team?

A: As an IT Fresher, it is very important that you have within yourself great team spirit. Be ready to give examples. You need to give good evidence of your team spirit and say that you can work in both ways. Do not talk too much about yourself. You should be aware of what you have to say.

6 Q: What is your greatest strength?

A: You should mention your strengths which are related to the job of an IT Fresher. The interviewer is looking for work related strengths. Whichever strength you say, you should be prepared with your answers. You can say about your technical skills, positive attitude etc. You should be able to impress the interviewer with your answer.

7 Q:. What is your biggest weakness?

A: Do not deny that you have no weakness. Mention a small work related weakness. You can also say your weakness which can be treated as your strength also. However, if you are mentioning your weakness, also give what measures you are taking to overcome and improve it. It is all about how you evaluate yourself and answering in a positive way to the interviewer,

8 Q:. Why we should hire you?

A: You need to answer this question very carefully. You need to bring out your skills to show why you are a suitable fit for the organization. You need not make comparisons with other candidates. Just mention how you are suitable for this position. Describe how you will contribute to the company using your skills and abilities. Also highlight some of your achievements in relation to the job position.

9 Q:. Why do you want this job?

A: Be specific in your answer. You cannot say that because the salary the company is offering is good as your reason. Describe about the company’s values and good working environment as reasons for your working in this company. You need to be prepared for this answer beforehand. Be positive and realistic in your answer.

10 Q: Who are our main competitors?

A: The interviewer wants to know whether you are aware about the company and its competitors. Highlight some similarities and differences between the company and its competitors. For this you need to do an analysis before appearing for the interview. You need to show the strengths of the company.

11 Q:. What are you looking for in a job?

A: Give a generic answer to this question. A good working environment as well as a place to learn and contribute can be your answer. You need not mention about a specific job or say about other companies. A generic answer is what the interviewer required for this question.

12 Q: Are you applying for other jobs?

A: If you are serious about joining a company, it is likely that you will be applying to other jobs as well. Be honest in your answer but do not give too much detail as to which companies you are applying. If asked about the names of the companies, you can always deny as it is not essential to name companies.

13 Q: Do you have any questions for me?

A: Always be prepared with some questions. Come up with some good questions. You will also be judged on this as to what type of questions you ask. Do some research and ask questions on that basis. Don’t ask more than three or four questions. It is better to ask limited and generic questions.