Appointment Letter Sample

I have attached appointment letter. After giving the Offer Letter, an Appointment Letter is the next step of interaction between a company and an employee.








Dear Mr. ……….,


Re : Appointment


With  reference  to  your application  dated [date] and  the subsequent  interview  you  had  with us,  we  have  pleasure  in appointing you as a `  [Designation – Department].’  at our …….. w.e.f.. [date].


The terms and conditions of your appointment will be as follows:


1)      a.   Your basic salary will be Rs………. /- (Amount in words) per month.


b.     House Rent Allowance


House Rent allowance is payable to you at the rate of 40% of your basic salary per month.


c      Transport

You  will  be  paid Rs………./- (Rs Amount in words)  per  month  towards Transport.


d.     Education Allowance


You  will  be  paid Rs……./- (Amount in words)  per  month towards Education Allowance.

e      Other Allowance


You will be paid Rs. …… /- (Rs Amount in words) per month towards Other Allowance.


f.       Leave Travel Assistance

Leave Travel Assistance will be paid to you at the rate of Rs……… /- (Amount in words) per  annum  after completion of  twelve month’s service in the Company.


…………… 2/-




:  2  :


[name of the employee]

g.  Medical Assistance


According to the Company’s rules, you will be entitled to the  membership  of  the medical  scheme  in  force.   In addition you will be entitled to reimbursement of  other actual     medical     expenses     up to     Rs……… /- (Amount in words) per annum.


h.  Provident Fund

You  will  be entitled to become a member of  our  Scheme  which  is  governed by  Employees’ Provident  Fund  Act  & Scheme 1952.

i.   Gratuity

As per Gratuity Act.


2)         Your appointment will initially be for a period of 6  months  probation from the date of your joining during which  period your  services  may  be terminable without  any  notice  and  without  assigning any reason whatsoever.


3)         On satisfactory completion of the probationary period your appointment   will   be   confirmed   in   writing. After confirmation, your services may be terminated at any time by giving two months notice in writing by either side. In case  you  leave our employment without any notice, we shall  have  the  right  to  deduct  as  liquidated  damages  an   amount equivalent  to two months notice from any money  or  moneys that may be due.


4)         You will be entitled to leave as per the Company’s rules and regulations.


5)                  You will be liable to be transferred to any branch, division or department of the Company or be sent on deputation.


6)         You will promote and expand the business of the Company  and not  directly or indirectly and either solely or jointly  be  engaged  in  any  service or other  business  or  profession  whether during or after the hours of employment.


7)         You will hold as confidential:


a.  any knowledge concerning the affairs of the Company  which you  may acquire in the course of your employment with the Company;

……………  3/-







:  3  :


[name of the employee]



b.  any  knowledge  relating  to  manufacturing  formulae  and processes  or any other secrets or secret process and  any  knowledge  relating  to the structure or  working of  any  machinery used by the Company;


c.       any  knowledge  relating to the source of  supply  of  any  goods  used in the manufacture of the Company’s goods  and any  special or secret knowledge relating to the  purchase of the aforesaid goods;


d.       any knowledge relating to the Company’s sales  department, including  special methods of selling, special methods  of working  territories,  sales systems  or  any  information contained  in  any  of the  Company’s  confidential  sales  department papers and documents.


8)     You  will not at any time hereafter without the  consent  in writing   of   the  Company  divulge  or  make   known   any trusts, secrets,  accounts or dealings of or relating to  the Company’s business.


9)         You undertake that you will not disclose the information or knowledge relating or any part thereof disclosed to you or gained by you by reason of your employment.  This obligation shall continue to remain in force even after your leaving the service of the Company.


10)      a. You  will be responsible for safe keeping and return  in good  condition and order all our property which may  be in your use, custody and charge.


10)b.  You will return forthwith, as and when called upon to do so,   in   good   condition  and   order,   all   notes, sketches, designs, drawings,    charts, documents, etc. which may have come into your possession  during the course  of  your employment.


11)      You will devote your whole time and attention and  abilities to  the business of the Company and shall serve the  Company honestly and faithfully carry out all lawful directions  and orders  of  the  company in discharge of  your  duties.  The Company  shall  be entitled in its  absolute  discretion  to change your designation.


12)      You will not in any way pledge the credit of the Company or expose the Company  to  any  pecuniary   liabilities   or obligations  nor shall you advance moneys or give credit  to  any person without the prior written consent of the Company.



………………. 4/-








:  4  :



[name of the employee]



13)      If  at  any  time, in our opinion, which is  final  in  this matter  you  are  insolvent or found  guilty  of  dishonesty disobedience, disorderly behavior, negligence, indiscipline, absence  from duty without permission or any  other  conduct considered  by us detrimental to our interest  or  violation of  one or more terms of this letter, your services  may  be terminated without notice.


14)      You will abide by the staff rules and regulations applicable  to  you  which  are in force for the time being  or  may  be framed from time to time.


15)      Your  appointment  is on the clear  understanding  that  the information furnished by you in your employment  application form is correct and the certificates and references produced by you are genuine and bonafide.


Kindly confirm your acceptance of the above terms and  conditions by  returning  the duplicate copy of this letter duly  signed  by  you.


Yours faithfully,





I agree to the above terms and conditions.





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