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Sample Offer Cum Appointment Letter Template

If you have to write an offer cum appointment letter then you don’t have to struggle any further as this post includes Offer Cum Acceptance Letter Template using which you can create a customized letter. Offer Cum Appointment Letter is a simple letter which includes details about the appointment as well the offer that you are going to make to the candidate.

This post includes an Appointment Letter Format. You can use the appointment letter sample for creating your own letter with ease and precision.

Offer Cum Appointment Letter Format


Richard Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: November 24nd, 2022


Mr. Anthony Brown

54, New Villas Street

New York

Sub: Offer cum appointment letter

Dear Anthony,

This is in reference to the interview for the profile of Marketing Executive that had taken place at Zenith Technologies office on November 24th, 2022. We would like to inform you that your profile has been shortlisted for the profile and we are pleased to offer you an appointment as Marketing Executive on the terms and conditions mentioned below:

  1. You will be on the probation for six months.
  2. Your CTC would be $ 80,000, the breakup of which is:
  • Basic Salary:                              67000
  • HRA:                                              2000
  • Child Education Allowance:      6000
  • Transport Allowance:                  3000
  • Uniform Maintenance Allowance:   2000
  • You will have to follow the rules and regulations as stated by the Company.
  • You will be required to keep the Company’s information confidential during the probation and otherwise.
  • Once the period of probation is over, your final recruitment will depend upon your performance during the probation.
  • In case you wish to resign from your job then you will have to serve one month’s notice period or you will have to pay the company your one month’s salary as penalty.

If you agree with the terms and the conditions then please submit your acceptance of the offer by sending the signed copy of this letter at the earliest.

For any information, feel free to get in touch with us at 9898989898.


Richard Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

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Appointment Confirmation Email Sample

It is a general rule that you always confirm a meeting or appointment when you schedule it. And when you do that you are suppose to be sending a confirmation email so intimate the other person about the meeting. This is the professional way of carrying out a process.

If you also have to confirm an appointment then you must do that by framing a professional confirmation email which contains all the necessary details concerning the appointment. Here is an example sample to follow using which you can frame a personalized email which fits perfectly in your requirements.

Appointment Confirmation Email Sample

Sub: Appointment Confirmation

Dear Amanda,

I am writing to confirm your appointment with Mr. Andrew Jacob scheduled on 1st October, 2015 at 55 Richmond Towers, New York at 16:00 hrs. Attached with the mail are the complete directions and map for your reference. In case, you still require any assistance in locating our office then please contact me at 123-456-789 or you can also email me at this address.

I would appreciate a prompt confirmation from your end for the same. In case, for any reason you wish to cancel this appointment then I would genuinely appreciate an early notification from your end.

Looking forward to meet you.


Samantha Brown

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Simple Letter Format of Appointment Sample

This is an simple example of a sample appointment letter. Your company or HR executive can make modifications as per your company policy or situation.


October 14, 2013

(Employee Number)

Dear Mr. /Ms. ___________________,

This is in reference to the meeting you had with us. We are glad to offer you the position of (job title) at level (name) in the management cadre of our company (company name).

Below are the terms and conditions that you will need to abide by:

1. Basic Salary: You basic salary will be Rs. _________/- (Rupees______only) per annum. However, you will be entitled to any future review of your compensation in accordance to the company’s practice. It will be linked to your performance and will be at the discretion of the management.

2. H.R.A. / Accommodation: 60% of your basic salary will be paid as house rent allowance. If you consider our company accommodation, the same will be regulated by the relevant policy. You may refer our Company Leased Accommodation (C.L.A.) policy on our website (link) in that case.

3. Special Allowance: You will be entitled to a special allowance of Rs. _________/- (Rupees______only) per annum.

4. Food Coupons: You will be entitled to food coupons worth Rs. _____/- per month. However, you may opt out of this by referring your choice to the HR manager. For details on where these coupons are applicable, you may refer our directory on our website (link).

5. Leave Travel Assistance: You will be entitled to Rs. ___________/-(Rupees_______only) for each completed year of service in accordance to the rules, payable on a yearly basis.

6. Domiciliary Medical Expenses: You will be entitled to Rs. ___________/-(Rupees_______only) for each completed year of service in accordance to the rules, payable on a monthly basis.

7. Hospitalization: You would also be covered under the Company’s Hospitalization scheme. You may refer our Hospitalization policy on our website (link) for more details.

8. Provident Fund: The Company contributes 12% of basic salary towards Provident Fund. As such, similar deduction will be subtracted from your salary.

9. Superannuation: Superannuation program is conducted by the company for the employees too. 15 % of the basic salary per annum is contributed towards superannuation fund till the age of 58 years. The benefits of the contribution are applicable as per the terms of the scheme. If you are interested, you may refer to Mr. (person in charge) for further information on the Superannuation Program of our company.

10. Gratuity: You will be entitled to an equivalent of 15 days of your last salary drawn for every completed year of service. This will be in accordance to the terms of the scheme and subjected to a maximum of Rs.3, 50,000/-. You will be eligible for the gratuity after 5 years of completed service.

11. Corporate Attire: You will be entitled to select corporate attire worth Rs. ________/- from the options provided by the Company annually. If you would like to enjoy this service, the Company will contribute 50% of this amount and the balance will be deducted from your salary. You may refer our Corporate Attire Policy on our website (link) for more details.

12. a) You appointment can be terminated on either side with three months notice or payment of salary (basic) instead.

b) The Company reserves every right to terminate your service without providing any specific reason for termination. However, it will give you three months notice or pay salary (basic) instead.

c) The Company also reserves the right to terminate your services without any prior notice or salary compensation on the grounds of misconduct, reasonable suspicion of misconduct, disloyalty, commission of any act involving moral turpitude, or any act of indiscipline or inefficiency or for loss of confidence on your part.

13. You will be posted at ___________ and will need to report to ___________or any other person nominated by the company. But this is not static. You are liable to be transferred to any other Departments / Divisions / Factories of the Company, anywhere in India. Your service may be later on assigned by the Company to any other Company of the (Organization Name) Group. You may also be assigned with other duties that may be required of you in any Branch or Office of the Company and/or its subsidiaries or to any of its other Associate Companies.

14. Your appointment will be finalized upon your examination and when found fit. The management will have every right to get you medically examined by any qualified medical practitioner during the tenure of your service. If you are found medically unfit, you will lose your lien on the job.

15. References from your former employers will also affect the appointment procedure.

16. Your retirement age from the Company will be the superannuating age of 58 years. You are hence expected to provide evidence of your date of birth at the time of joining.

17. All the general rules, practices and policies of the Company are liable to change from time to time. However, you will be expected to abide by the changes.

18. In case of laws enacted by the State/Central Government, you would be entitled to such benefits at the discretion of the management.

19. You will be expected to maintain the highest order of discipline and secrecy with the Company and/or its Subsidiaries or Associate Companies. In case of any breach of discipline/trust, the company is liable to terminate your service with immediate effect. You will also required to sign a Secrecy Agreement that mentions that all inventions, improvements, discoveries made by you either alone or with other persons, will become the sole property of the company. You are required to ensure that the patent protections obtained for such inventions/improvements in India or elsewhere are assigned to the company.

20. You will be expected to respect, obey and conform to all the regulations issued by the Company from time to time. You shall not be a part of any other employment, conduct business whatsoever or hold any office of profit or accept any other emoluments without previous consent in writing of the Company during your tenure in the company.  If found guilty, you will be terminated with immediate effect.

21. The company also reserves the right to send you for specialized training within India or overseas to enable you to perform better. If such necessity occurs, you will require executing a training bond with the Company.

22. This offer is completely based on the information furnished in your application for employment. However, if the management finds any incorrect information, your employment based on this letter of appointment is liable to be terminated without any prior notice and compensation.

23. The emoluments/benefits due to you will be liable/subject to tax in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act and Rules made there under as also other applicable laws, if any, as may be in force from time to time.

24. The Company also takes care of all the statutory compliance. It ensures compliance with various statutes in your area of operations that includes the Insider Trading Regulations as well.

25. Your appointment is effective from the date of joining. We expect you to see you not later than (date).

Kindly sign the copy of this letter as acceptance of the above terms and conditions and return the same to us.

We welcome you to (Organization Name) and wish you all the luck for a bright career with us.

Best Regards,

(Name of the Business Leader)

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Appointment Letter

I have attached appointment letter format.


BDEL/HRD/                    / 2012-13                                        ______ DATE






Dear Madam,

Sub: Appointment as ________(DESIGNATION


It has been decided to appoint you in the post of Manager(at the basic of Rs.______/- p.m. on the following terms and conditions:

1)         Pay: Your starting basic pay will be fixed at Rs. _____/- P.M. in the pay scale of –  Rs.____ – 1000 – _____.

2)         Allowances:

a) House Allowance: Payable at the rate of % of the basic pay.

b) Children Educational Allowance – Rs. /- per month.

c) Meal/Lunch Subsidy – Rs.  per day (For the number of days present)

d) One gift/ gift voucher (not convertible into cash) per year for value not exceeding Rs./-.

e) Professional Upgradation Allowance – Rs/- per year.

f) LTC/LFC –  Rs. /- per year.

g) Mobile Telephone – Payment of rent and usage for the official calls with a facility for one additional local number of choice which will be paid  by the company on submission of bills in the manner as may be required by the company or Rs./- towards prepaid card facility.

3)    Provident Fund: You will be required to contribute to the Provident Fund in accordance with the Provident Fund Regulations, in force in accordance with the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.  The rate of your contribution is 12% of the basic pay presently.

4)         Probation and Confirmation: You will be on probation for a period of six months (extendable upto one year at the discretion of the Company) from the date of your appointment.  You will be considered for confirmation in the Company’s service if the Company is satisfied with reference to your overall work/performance and conduct during the period of probation.

During the first month of your probationary period, you shall be liable to be discharged without assigning any reasons at one day’s notice or pay in lieu thereof and thereafter at one month’s notice or pay in lieu thereof from either side.

5)      Posting and Liability for Transfer: Initially you shall report for appointment at Mumbai and thereafter your place of posting would be decided based on the need of the Company.  Your services in the Company are transferable anywhere in India/ abroad and you shall serve the Company and all the conditions of your employment with your employment in the company in its business in such capacity and at such place as you may from time to time be directed.

6)                  You will be governed by the Company’s Rules relating to conduct, discipline and all the conditions of employment etc. that are applicable or may become applicable from time to time to the employees of the Company.

7)                  You should produce sufficient proof of date of birth and educational qualifications (i.e. original mark lists & certificates alongwith photo copies thereof).

8)                  This appointment is subject to you being medically found fit for the aforesaid appointment by the Company for which you will have to undergo a medical check up as decided by the Company and the decision of the Company on the Name of the Doctor/ Venue and the medical report will be final.  A separate communication is being sent to you by the undersigned.

9)                  Your continuation of appointment will be subject to your furnishing such other information as the Company may require from time to time and subject to your services being acceptable in the light of the information furnished and documents provided from time to time.

10)              If any declaration, statement or information given by you is at any time found to be false or untrue, or if any material information is suppressed, your services are liable to be terminated forthwith without any notice or compensation in lieu thereof.

11)              If after you join the Company’s service, it comes to the notice of the Company that you had prior to joining the Company’s services committed any act of misconduct, your services are liable to be terminated forthwith without any notice or compensation in lieu thereof, or if your services are not so terminated, you shall be liable to disciplinary measures and any penalty that may be imposed by the Management.

12)              No traveling allowance will be paid to you on account of your journey undertaken for joining the services of the company for this appointment.

13)       Be it clearly understood that no benefit of past service or any other similar benefit of any previous employment, in whatever form & manner it may be, shall be available to you in this employment being offered pursuant to this letter.

If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you, please return the duplicate of this letter duly signed in token of your acknowledgement and having accepted all the terms and conditions mentioned herein.  You are also advised to report for appointment at the Company’s Office address not later than  _______(DATE).

If we do not receive your acceptance on this letter of appointment before ______(DATE OF JOINING), it will be construed that you are not interested in accepting this offer and the same shall stand automatically withdrawn, without any further reference to you. Similarly, if you do not report for duty by the aforesaid date _____(DATE OF JOINING), it will be construed that you are not interested in accepting this offer and the same shall stand automatically withdrawn, without any further reference to you.

I wish you all the very best and wish all success in your tenure with the company.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Shruti Tripathi


Manager HR

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Appointment Letter Sample

I have attached appointment letter. After giving the Offer Letter, an Appointment Letter is the next step of interaction between a company and an employee.








Dear Mr. ……….,


Re : Appointment


With  reference  to  your application  dated [date] and  the subsequent  interview  you  had  with us,  we  have  pleasure  in appointing you as a `  [Designation – Department].’  at our …….. w.e.f.. [date].


The terms and conditions of your appointment will be as follows:


1)      a.   Your basic salary will be Rs………. /- (Amount in words) per month.


b.     House Rent Allowance


House Rent allowance is payable to you at the rate of 40% of your basic salary per month.


c      Transport

You  will  be  paid Rs………./- (Rs Amount in words)  per  month  towards Transport.


d.     Education Allowance


You  will  be  paid Rs……./- (Amount in words)  per  month towards Education Allowance.

e      Other Allowance


You will be paid Rs. …… /- (Rs Amount in words) per month towards Other Allowance.


f.       Leave Travel Assistance

Leave Travel Assistance will be paid to you at the rate of Rs……… /- (Amount in words) per  annum  after completion of  twelve month’s service in the Company.


…………… 2/-




:  2  :


[name of the employee]

g.  Medical Assistance


According to the Company’s rules, you will be entitled to the  membership  of  the medical  scheme  in  force.   In addition you will be entitled to reimbursement of  other actual     medical     expenses     up to     Rs……… /- (Amount in words) per annum.


h.  Provident Fund

You  will  be entitled to become a member of  our  Scheme  which  is  governed by  Employees’ Provident  Fund  Act  & Scheme 1952.

i.   Gratuity

As per Gratuity Act.


2)         Your appointment will initially be for a period of 6  months  probation from the date of your joining during which  period your  services  may  be terminable without  any  notice  and  without  assigning any reason whatsoever.


3)         On satisfactory completion of the probationary period your appointment   will   be   confirmed   in   writing. After confirmation, your services may be terminated at any time by giving two months notice in writing by either side. In case  you  leave our employment without any notice, we shall  have  the  right  to  deduct  as  liquidated  damages  an   amount equivalent  to two months notice from any money  or  moneys that may be due.


4)         You will be entitled to leave as per the Company’s rules and regulations.


5)                  You will be liable to be transferred to any branch, division or department of the Company or be sent on deputation.


6)         You will promote and expand the business of the Company  and not  directly or indirectly and either solely or jointly  be  engaged  in  any  service or other  business  or  profession  whether during or after the hours of employment.


7)         You will hold as confidential:


a.  any knowledge concerning the affairs of the Company  which you  may acquire in the course of your employment with the Company;

……………  3/-







:  3  :


[name of the employee]



b.  any  knowledge  relating  to  manufacturing  formulae  and processes  or any other secrets or secret process and  any  knowledge  relating  to the structure or  working of  any  machinery used by the Company;


c.       any  knowledge  relating to the source of  supply  of  any  goods  used in the manufacture of the Company’s goods  and any  special or secret knowledge relating to the  purchase of the aforesaid goods;


d.       any knowledge relating to the Company’s sales  department, including  special methods of selling, special methods  of working  territories,  sales systems  or  any  information contained  in  any  of the  Company’s  confidential  sales  department papers and documents.


8)     You  will not at any time hereafter without the  consent  in writing   of   the  Company  divulge  or  make   known   any trusts, secrets,  accounts or dealings of or relating to  the Company’s business.


9)         You undertake that you will not disclose the information or knowledge relating or any part thereof disclosed to you or gained by you by reason of your employment.  This obligation shall continue to remain in force even after your leaving the service of the Company.


10)      a. You  will be responsible for safe keeping and return  in good  condition and order all our property which may  be in your use, custody and charge.


10)b.  You will return forthwith, as and when called upon to do so,   in   good   condition  and   order,   all   notes, sketches, designs, drawings,    charts, documents, etc. which may have come into your possession  during the course  of  your employment.


11)      You will devote your whole time and attention and  abilities to  the business of the Company and shall serve the  Company honestly and faithfully carry out all lawful directions  and orders  of  the  company in discharge of  your  duties.  The Company  shall  be entitled in its  absolute  discretion  to change your designation.


12)      You will not in any way pledge the credit of the Company or expose the Company  to  any  pecuniary   liabilities   or obligations  nor shall you advance moneys or give credit  to  any person without the prior written consent of the Company.



………………. 4/-








:  4  :



[name of the employee]



13)      If  at  any  time, in our opinion, which is  final  in  this matter  you  are  insolvent or found  guilty  of  dishonesty disobedience, disorderly behavior, negligence, indiscipline, absence  from duty without permission or any  other  conduct considered  by us detrimental to our interest  or  violation of  one or more terms of this letter, your services  may  be terminated without notice.


14)      You will abide by the staff rules and regulations applicable  to  you  which  are in force for the time being  or  may  be framed from time to time.


15)      Your  appointment  is on the clear  understanding  that  the information furnished by you in your employment  application form is correct and the certificates and references produced by you are genuine and bonafide.


Kindly confirm your acceptance of the above terms and  conditions by  returning  the duplicate copy of this letter duly  signed  by  you.


Yours faithfully,





I agree to the above terms and conditions.





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Appointment Letter Format

I have Attached Appointment Letter Format

( To be typed on Co.’s Letter Head in Triplicate )


Standard  Format 

( Appointment  Letter For Management Staff )

– Officers / Executives / Managers

( For  Probationer –  New Appointees )

Date _________



Mr/Mrs/Ms. _____________






Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms___________


Further  to  our  letter  of  offer/ interview  dated __________,  we  are  pleased  to  inform  you  that  you  are  hereby  appointed  as _____________  in  the  ___________________ Department  of  our  Organization to be based at ___________HQ as  per  terms  and  conditions  discussed  and agreed  upon  as  under :-



1.      This appointment is effective from _____________ the date of your joining our Organization.


2.      Your salary and other allowances shall be as per enclosed statement.


3.      Your  job  functions  and  responsibilities  as  ___________________  will  be  as  defined  broadly  in  the  enclosed  Annexure


( Or )


Your job functions and responsibilities as ___________________ are under         preparation and shall be issued in due course.


4.      You  will  be  placed  on  probation  for  a  period  of  six  months  and  the  said  period  can  be  extended  by  another  three  months  and  on  the  expiry  of  the  period  of  probation  or  extended  period  of  probation,  if  you  are  not  confirmed  in  writing,  your  services  shall  be  deemed  to  be  automatically  terminated.  However,  unless  you  are  confirmed  in  writing,  you  shall  not  be  deemed  to  be  permanent.


5.      During probation, the notice period for termination / resignation will be 24 hours from either  side. After  confirmation,  the  notice  period  required from either side is one month.


6.      After  successful  completion  of  your  probation  ,  you  will  be  confirmed  in  writing  as  a  permanent  employee  of  the  Company.  You  will  be  entitled  to  statutory  and  service  benefits and be governed by discipline and other rules existing or may come into existence from time to time  , as  and  when  applicable  as  per  rules  of  the  Company  and  such  other  benefits  as  applicable  to  employees  in  force  from  time  to  time  to  the  location / place  wherever  you  are  working. The company depending upon need shall take suitable cover of GPA to take care of liability under Workmen Compensation Act provided you are not covered under ESI Scheme.


7.      Your future increments or promotion or any other salary increase shall be based on merit considering your periodic and consistent overall performance, business conditions and other parameters fixed from time to time at the discretion of the management and shall not be considered merely as a matter of right.


8.      During the period of service with the company , you shall not indulge and/ or take part in any activity of formation of council and / or association or become a member being part of management staff which are found to be detrimental in the interest of the company in any way. Such an action shall be deemed as infringement to service conditions of the company and amount to causing damage to its interest and shall call for disciplinary action being taken against you, as it may deem fit and appropriate.


9.      You shall retire from the services of the Company on attaining 58 years of age.


Your date of birth for the purpose of Company’s record is entered as _____________ as  per  xerox  copy  of ________________ Certificate  submitted  by  you.


9.      During the tenure of your services, you will wholly devote yourself to the work assigned to you and will not undertake any other employment either on full or part time basis without prior permission of the Company in writing.  Any contravention of this condition will entail termination of your services from the Company.



(i) Your  services are liable to be transferred or loaned or assigned with / without transfer, wholly or partially, from one department to another or to office/ branch  and  vice-versa  or office/ branch  to another office/ branch of an associate company, existing or to come into existence in future or any of the Company’s branch office or  locations anywhere in India or abroad or any other concern where this Company has any interest. In such case, you will abide by responsibilities expressly vested or implied or communicated and shall follow rules and regulations of the department / office, establishment , jointly or separately, without any compensation or extra remuneration or provision of accommodation.  You,  thereupon,  may  be  governed  by  service  conditions  and  other  terms  of  the  said  concern  as  may  be  applicable.  
  ii) The  aforesaid  Clause (i)  will  not  give  you  any  right  to  claim  employment  in  any  associate  or / sister  concern  or  ask  for  a  common  seniority  with  the  employee  of  sister / associate  concern.


11. In  the event  you are absent  from duty  without  information or permission of leave or you overstay your sanctioned leave, the Management will treat you as having voluntarily  abandoned  the  services  of  the Company.


12. Your  services  are  liable  to  be  terminated  at  any  time :


  i) during  probation  or  after  confirmation,  in  case  you  are  found  to  be  medically  unfit  by  the  Company’s  Authorized  Medical  practitioner,  on  examination;  








as  and  when  the  Company  comes  to  know  of  any  conviction  by  the  Court  of  Law  during  the  tenure  of  your  service  with  us  or  conviction  and / or  any  bad  record  in  the  past  under  the  previous  employer,  or  because  of  your  giving  false  information  at  the  time  of  your  appointment or concealed any material information or given any false details in the application form or otherwise as regard age, education qualification , experience , salary etc.

if you are found to be not possessing desired qualification which do not conform to custom authority and / govt.  regulation as may be required from time to time and  necessary for continuation of business or its exigencies or on account of redundancy .


  13. You will keep the Company informed of any change in your residential address that may happen during the course of employment of your service with the company.
14. All documents, plans, drawings, prints, trade secrets, technical information, reports, statements,  correspondence  etc., written or unwritten and also  information   and   instructions      that     pass   through    you  or    come     to    your knowledge  shall be  treated  as  confidential.   You shall not utilize them  for  your  own  use  or  disclose  to  other  persons  during  or  after  your  employment.


  During  the  course  of  employment  with  the  Company,  you  will  acquire,  gain,  generate,  gather  and develop  knowledge  of  and  be  given   access  to  business information about products activities,  know – how,  methods  or  refinements  and  business plans  and  business  secrets  and  other  information  concerning  the  products / business  of  the  Company,  hereinafter  called  the  “SECRETS”.  You will be liable for prosecution for damages for divulgence, sharing or parting any of such information during course of employment and on cessation for at least 2 years period.


15. You shall carry out the job of ______________________ and such other jobs connected with or incidental to which is necessary for business of the Company.  You shall do any other work assigned to you, which you are capable of doing or work at any other post which has been temporarily assigned to you.
16. You shall faithfully and to the best of your ability perform your duties that may be entrusted to you from time to time by the management.  You will be bound by rules, regulations and orders promulgated by the management in relation to conduct, discipline and policy matters.


You will not seek membership of any local or public bodies without first obtaining specific permission of the management. In the event of your becoming member without following due process as mentioned , it shall amount to contravention of provision of employment condition and the management reserves the right to take appropriate action including dispensing with your services , as it may deem fit.


You will not give out to any one, by word of mouth or otherwise, particulars of our business or administrative or organizational matters of a confidential nature which may be your privilege to know by virtue of your being our employee.

17. While you are in employment of the company , you may be given or handed over company’s property and / or equipment for official use and you shall take care of them including their upkeep. On cessation of employment with the Company, you shall return all documents, books, papers relating to the affairs of the Company, purchased with the Company’s money, which may have come to you, and also any property of the Company in your possession.
18. Any balance of advance or loan taken by you from the Company, shall be fully recovered from your salary and any other legal dues including  Gratuity , at the time of your leaving the services of the Company.


19. While working as an employee if you enter into any business transaction with any party on behalf of the company within your permissible limits, it shall be your responsibility to ensure recovery of outstanding. If any outstanding remains at the time of leaving the services of the company, it shall be your responsibility to recover for remittance to the company  before you proceed to settle your legal dues in full and final settlement of your account.















The company is obliged to deduct Income Tax at source as per provision of Income Tax Act / Rules . Accordingly , you are required to submit all required proof of permitted savings / investments and other details from time to time to enable the company to comply with the provisions of law. In the event of non compliance by you as aforesaid if the company is required to pay any interest or payment under Income Tax Act , it shall deduct the amount as may be paid or payable from your salary or other payments and you shall allow the company to comply with these requirements without objection.






All disputes arising out of this letter will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Mumbai Court.  And that the courts, tribunals and/or authorities at Mumbai only shall have jurisdiction to entertain, try and decide such disputes or differences arising out of or pertaining to this contract of employment, irrespective of your working HQ being elsewhere at that times.


You  are  requested  to  return  the  enclosed  copy  duly  signed  as  a  token  of  your  acceptance  of  the  terms  and  conditions  of  your  employment.


Hope  that  this  will  be  the  beginning  of a  long  and  successful  career  with  us.




Yours faithfully,

For Company Name.,





Managing Director / Director



Accepted :_______________

                                                                                                (Signature of an Employee)

























(  Delete whichever is not  applicable )



Annexure  to  Appointment Letter  dated __________, 2003

            Of    ________________________( Name )







                                  Break-up  of  Gross  Remuneration




(1) Basic    
  House Rent Allowance    
  Education Allowance    
  Personal Allowance    
  TOTAL (1)    

Annual Benefits

  Medical Reimbursement    
  Bonus / Ex-gratia    
  Provident Fund    
  TOTAL (2)    
  TOTAL (1+2)    



  • ·
Reimbursement of expenses for one telephone at residence and one mobile for official use as per Company’s policy existing or as amended.
  • ·
Payment of perquisites, allowances and reimbursements shall be subject to provisions of Income Tax, as applicable.



For  Company’s Name



Managing Director / Director




                                                                      Accepted : ____________________

                                                                                        (                                    )


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Letter of Appointment as a consultant

 I have Attached Letter of Appointment as a consultant




This agreement is made on the <date> day of <month year>, between Mr. /Ms. <Name> aged about <age> residing at <Address, City, Pin> [herein after referred to as Consultant] of the one part and <Name of company> having its registered office at <office address in full> [herein after referred to as the Company] of the second part.


This agreement has been entered into between the Consultant and the Company and will be effective from <effective date> for a period of ELEVEN MONTHS i.e. up to <end date>. This agreement supersedes all previous agreements.


Now this agreement witnesses the following terms and conditions agreed between the parties and are binding on both.


1.     The consultant shall be engaged under the designation of <”Designation- Department”> based at <Location>.


2.     The consultant will work on all working days during the tenure of the agreement, and in no circumstances may the consultant engage himself in any other business whatsoever whilst so engaged.


3.     The consultant shall not indulge in any act or omission, which is likely to harm the reputation of the company. The consultant will be signing the Non Disclosure Agreement of the company.


4.     The consultant shall be paid remuneration of Rs. <salary/-> < (salary in words)> per month excluding service tax on consultation on the succeeding <payroll date> of the calendar month during the agreement period.


5.     The consultant shall be paid remuneration as under during the agreement period:


Mention all details of compensation to be paid; for e.g.:


  • Medical coverage will be provided to the consultant and his family to the extent of Rs…../- p.a. for hospitalization expenses only, apart from Group personal accident & workmen’s compensation coverage.



  • The variable salary component, termed as Performance Linked Pay (PLP) will be pegged at 20% of your annual remuneration, and will be based on metrics, covering the business, financial and performance parameters and will be based on a combination of-

a)     The performance of the company as a whole (7%)

b)     The performance of the Business vertical and the Region concerned (7%)

c)     The performance of the Consultant (6%)



  • Mobile expenses will be reimbursed as per company policy.


  • Conveyance expenses will be reimbursed as per company policy.



6.     The consultant shall be provided a company vehicle which is to be maintained as per company policy (if vehicle will be provided)


7.      The consultant shall serve the company loyally, faithfully and diligently and shall at all times safeguard and protect the interest of the company.


8.     The consultant shall not have any financial transaction with other consultants or customer/suppliers of the company.


9.     The consultant shall not be entitled for benefits like gratuity, PF, and any other fringe benefits except mentioned in this agreement.


10. The consultant shall be entitled for <no. of leave days> days of leave per annum. Unavailed leave shall lapse at the end of the period of the contract.


11. Either party will be at liberty to terminate the agreement by giving one month’s notice in writing with or without assigning any reasons.


12. In the event of this agreement being terminated, the consultant shall repay the lump sum amount outstanding against him on any account whatsoever.



This agreement shall be enforceable by suit or otherwise at <location> only.






Authorised signatory

Signature of the Consultant

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Appointment letter of HR Manager

I Have Attached Appointment letter of HR Manager





106- A, Radhakrishna Township,

Ramosana Crossing,

Near Savera Hotel,



Subject: Letter of Appointment

Dear Mr. ,


With reference to your interview and subsequent discussions you had with us, the management is herby pleased to appoint you in our organization w.e.f.      Date on the following terms & conditions:


1.         Designation:

You will be designated as Front-Office Manager in Front-Office department.


2.         Place of Posting:

You will be posted in our office at Fortune Klassik Hotel, Ludhiana. However, at any time during the period of appointment, you will be liable to transfer in such other capacity that the company may determine to any other Department/ Branch/ Establishment or any other Company under the same management without adversely affecting your emoluments and general condition of service.


3.         Grade:

You will be placed in Grade Manager as per the structure of the company.


4.         Remuneration:

You will be entitled to the following remuneration per month, subject to the express condition of fulfillment of service conditions:


Basic Rs.000  /-
Conveyance Allowance Rs.000 /-
Performance Pay Rs. 000  /-
Industrial Allowance Rs.000 /-



Rs.0000 /-


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Appointment Letter

I have attached the appointment letter of an urgent necessity in a company along with the list of short listed candidates who may be called for interview.                                       Appointment Letter


__________ (DATE)

Sub: Appointment of __________ (DESIGNATION)



The Board of Directors, BD Emerald India Limited in their meeting held on _____(DATE) held that the short listed candidates may be called for an interview conducted by a Committee comprising of  _______, _______ AND _____ (NAMES OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS). There is an urgent necessity for the appointment of _______ (DESIGNATION). The list of the short listed candidates along with their resume is enclosed herein. We may, if approved appoint the eligible candidate for the respective posts.


Submitted please,











Boutique De Emerald India limited



 Sr. No.  Date of receipt of application  Qualification of the candidate  Qualification demanded  Years of experience of the candidate in this field  Names  Marks (Basic=50,Additional Qualification=10, additional year of experience=10)


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Confirmation of Interview Appointment


Thank you for your courteous request to interview one of our officers for the article you are writing about our business.

[name of individual] will be pleased to meet with you at our offices at     [address]    , on     [day]    ,     [date]     , at     [time]      I belive that you will find him to be extremely knowledgeable about our business and the role we play in relationship to our industry.

Thank you for your interest in our firm.

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