Sample Letter of Penalty Charge to Employee

Sample Letter of Penalty Charge to Employee Notice Format

When employees fail to follow the rules and regulations, companies often charge them with penalties in order to correct their actions and make sure that the things don’t get repeated in the future. Sample notice of penalty forms an important part of the procedure. The penalty charge letter sample is a simple letter that communicates the penalty and the charge for the same in a professional way.

Here is the sample letter of penalty charge notice. You can use this punishment letter to employee to charge the penalty by using it as a base for creating one on your own.

Sample Notice of Penalty Charge to the Employee


Simon Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies


Date: September 25th, 2021


Mr. Andy Jacob

54, Richmond Villas


Dear Andrew,

This is to inform you that you have been charged with a penalty of $50 for not reporting to work on time for three consecutive days.

As you are aware that at Zenith Technologies, we are extremely particular with our rules and regulations and anyone who fails to adhere to them, we do not hesitate in taking strict actions against them. We have noticed that on August 10th, 11st and 12nd you reported to work an hour late than the official reporting time i.e. 9 am. Not just that, you have also failed to submit a written application to explain your actions to your team leader. Therefore, we have been forced to charge you with this penalty.

You are requested to submit this penalty with the HR department and we would appreciate that you report to work on time and in case of emergency, keep your team informed. Any kind of delayed reporting will not be appreciated in future and will attract greater penalty.

We are hopeful that you will take this as a serious warning.


Simon Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

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