How to Write a Letter to My Boss for Permission

My Boss for Permission Letter

Permission letter is one of the most common letters that is written with an intention to seek the permission from a person to grant an authority to take some decision or to do something. When you are writing a professional letter to your boss seeking permission for something then make sure that it is addressed to the right senior who has the power to grant you the permission. Keep the tone polite and make sure that you state everything very clearly to avoid any confusion.

Here are a few steps or guidelines that will help you create a perfect formal letter seeking permission from your boss.

  • Always Mention the Subject

It is important that you make the subject of your letter clear before even starting with the letter. It is a great way of informing the reader well in advance about the subject that you are going to discuss in the letter. This will make it very easy and quick for him to read it and understand it without any confusion.

  • Address it to the Right Person

When you are seeking the permission, it is essential that you pen it to the right authority. This will ensure that you are able to get the permission that you are seeking without any hassles. In case you are not very much clear about whom to address your letter to then it is always safe to write “Dear Sir or Madame” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

  • Seek the Permission

Once you have begun writing the letter, the next important step is to write the thing for which you need the permission. When penning this down, you must learn to write the reasons, purpose and all other related information of the event for which you are asking for authority. Make sure that you frame your request keeping in mind all the details so that the person to whom it is addressed doesn’t find any important information missing from it.

  • Mention Your Contact Information

Before ending the letter, it is important to mention your contact information in the letter which should include your phone number, mobile number or email id so that the person can get in touch with you without any problem.

  • Close the Letter

Now that you are done writing the letter, close the letter with a “Thanking in anticipation” note followed by “Sincerely”. Put your name, designation along with your signature to complete the letter in a formal way.

  • Keep the Tone Professional

It is very important that you maintain the tone of the letter. Keep it very much professional and to the point. No need to provide any kind of unnecessary information in your letter. It has to be short, sweet and formal.

Follow all these guidelines in framing a professional letter to your boss seeking permission for something that you wish you do.

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