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1.                  CASUAL LEAVE


Entitlement: Every Regular member shall be entitled  to 7 Casual leaves in each  calendar  year.


Periodicity of credit: Every Regular member shall get the credit  of  7  casual leaves on 1st January or  the date  of joining, which ever  is  earlier, on pro-rata basis.


Carry forward provision:  Casual  leaves at all shall not be carried forward  or encashed at the end of the year.


Availment of leaves :  The casual leaves shall be availed in a manner that every member will be entitled for a maximum of 2 Casual Leaves in one quarter and total 7 casual leaves in a year.


2.      SICK LEAVE


Entitlement: Every Regular member is entitled  to 7 Sick leaves in each calendar  year, provided he/she is not covered under ESI Regulations.


Periodicity of credit:  Every Regular member shall get the credit of 7 sick leaves on 1st January or the date of joining which ever is earlier on the basis of his/her entitlement, on pro-rata basis.


Carry forward provision: Sick leaves shall be carried forward up to maximum of 14 days and shall not be encashed at the end of the year.  The maximum limit for having the sick leaves in ones account is limited to 21 only and rest of the sick leaves will be elapsed.


Availment of leaves :  The sick leaves shall be availed in a manner that every member will be entitled for a maximum of 2 sick leaves in one quarter and after completion of 3 years of service, the member can avail 21 sick leaves together.




Entitlement :  A Regular  member is entitled to  Maximum 18 earned leaves  in each calendar year after completing one  year of service with the company.



a)      Any member who have  worked  for 240 days during a calendar year  shall be entitled  for earned leave of one day for 20 day  working.

b)      A member is entitled for earned leave  only after he completes one year of service in the company. The year  for the  purpose of earned leave means the calendar year  i.e 1st January to 31st December. Leave shall not be earned on the  days of leave enjoyed in the previous year.

c)      A member who joins after 1st January shall  be entitled for  leave on pro-rata basis on the  falling 1st January.

d)      When a member on earned leave reports to be sick and asks  for extension  of leave on medical grounds,  his/her sick leave account will be debited first before any other leave.

e)      A member may apply earned leaves for total 3 times in one calendar year. However, if a member wants to avail his EL more than 3 times in calendar year, it should be left upon the HOD / HRM discretion.



a)      Every member who wishes to avail earned leave shall apply to the Head of the Department in a prescribed manner.

b)      Application must be made 48 hours before the commencement of leave.  If an employee after proceeding on leave requires an extension due to unforeseen circumstances, he shall communicate by whichever quicker means viz. Telephone, telegram, fax, e-mail etc. to the his/her HOD.

c)      Ordinarily Advance against the earned leaves will not be considered.  The emergencies and unforeseen circumstances will be decided by the Unit Head of concerned location only.


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a)      If any member does not avail his earned leave in a year then such leave gets accumulated to his/her credit. The maximum limit for credit of leaves shall be maintained 90 in numbers and rest of the leaves will be automatically encashed by the company on yearly basis.  However, in case of leaving the organization the company will arrange to encash all the above 90 leaves too.




Intervening Weekly offs and closed holidays:  Intervening  weekly offs & closed holidays during leave shall be counted as leave during  the  period of Sick & Earned Leave, but not  in case  of Casual leave.  A member can avail only medical leaves  after availing of Casual or Earned leaves.


Minimum quantum of leave allowed  per occasion  is half day.

A fixed rule for availing the leave has been designed for the half day leave in the following way:

            As and when a member will be availing the leave for first half, he will report in mills at 1.30 p.m. and whenever a member want to avail leave for the 2nd half, he may leave his work place at 1.00 p.m.

Dealing with excess leave availed:  Ordinarily no excess leave i.e. Sick / Casual / E.L. will be allowed to avail.  However, at the time  of separation  from company, due to any reason, if a member has availed excess leave than his / her entitlement the same shall  be deducted from pending  dues.




Leave without  pay may be granted to a member in view of a genuine cause and lack of available leave balance. At the  end  of a leave Calendar  year,  if a member has to his credit a certain   amount  of leaves and during the year had availed  of LWP  the  same may be credited  to him as an arrear.




Upto Shift Incharges  levels the compensatory leaves as substitute for the National Festival Holidays  is allowed as per convenience of the concerned HOD, but the leave /substitute must be availed within 1 month of the Holiday.

The compensatory leave (taken in case of against rest) will be allowed only to the employees who are not eligible for overtime & who work in shifts (A,B,C) . This implies that it will not be allowed to the employees who are eligible for overtime. If a person is working in general shift and if he had to continue for the entire night( i.e. more than 12 hours after G shift), then the next day he is eligible for compensatory leave against rest.

The compensatory leave (in case of against rest) can be availed only within the time period of 1 week .

Very often our HODs allow rest changes to our employees at different departments.  In such cases, no rest change will be allowed and at sole discretion of the concerned HODs Compensatory Off will be given.



The maximum period,  for which any woman shall be entitled to maternity benefit shall be 12 weeks in all whether taken before or after child-birth. However she cannot take leaves more than six weeks before her expected delivery.



In case of miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy, a woman shall, on production of the prescribed proof, be entitled to leave with wages at the rate of maternity benefit, for a period of 6 weeks immediately following the day of her miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy.


In case of tubectomy operation, a woman shall, on production of prescribed proof, be entitled to leave with wages at the rate of maternity benefit for a period of two weeks immediately following the day of operation.


Leave for a maximum period of one month with wages at the rate of maternity benefit are allowable in case of illness arising out of pregnancy, delivery, premature birth of child, miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy or tubectomy operation.

  • Compensations etc. to be recovered from the Insurance Company, as applicable to her category of employees.
  • Maximum 2 times in her service period a female employee can avail Maternity Leaves.


ACCIDENT LEAVES – WHILE ON DUTY: In case any of our member having met with an accident, while performing official duties in the work premises only in his respective shifts and immediately he will be taken-up to the Company Doctor.  The period of his movement from the work place as well as resuming duties will be treated as O.D. (On Duty).  For this the company doctor will satisfy himself, will advise him rests for requisite number of days, declare him fit and advise him to resume duties.  Automatically the O.D. will be approved by the H.R.M. Head / Unit Head.


The treatment will be done by the Company Doctor only or his recommendations for the Hospital / Doctors will be acceptable, otherwise, no member will move towards his home town or at his own disposal.  In all such cases, no O.D. will be granted to him by the company.


No outside accidents happened in case of our members will be entertained by the company doctor, however he will recommend and make judgment of such cases just for the sake of resuming duties only.


SHORT LEAVE: A member is entitled to a maximum of two hours leave  that can be availed maximum on two occasions in a month  for any personal reason. The 3rd time availed short leave will call for automatic deduction of half day C.L.  In case the member has no credit of C.L., deduction of E.L. will be done.  The member will apply for the due kind of leave and in case the concerned member do not apply for the leaves or even do not justify the reasons for the late arrival, the HRM will deduct the leaves.


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