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The objective of this policy is to explain the leave entitlement and procedure for availing leave. You are eligible to the following leave benefits.


      Annual / Earned Leave

Our annual vacation plan is designed to provide you with the opportunity to rest and get away from the everyday routine. You are entitled to annual leave of up to 15 working days in a calendar year. The EL will be accrued only after the completion of each year. You shall be entitled to earned leave only on confirmation of services.


Un availed earned leaves if any for the year can be carried over to the next year. However you can carry over a maximum of 10 ELs only. An employee, once entitled for Earned leave, is advised to avail at least minimum of 5 days leave per annum. In order to satisfy your preference and to meet the staffing needs of your department, you are advised to discuss your vacation plans at least two weeks in advance with your reporting manager.


      Leave Encashment

Earned leave can be accumulated from year to year, up to a maximum of 60 working days at any given time. Any leaves over and above 15 can be claimed for encashment. Earned leave payment would be calculated as per the current Basic salary.


      Casual / Sick Leave

You are entitled to casual/Sick leave of up to 12 working days in a calendar year. This leave is for an employee to attend to his/her personal tasks, etc. The leave has to be applied and approved at least 2 days in advance.

Not more than 2 consecutive days of leave will be approved in the case of CL. This leave has to be consumed in the same year, else is lapsed on 31st December every year.


      Maternity Leave

Female employees who have been working with the company for not less than 90 days will be eligible for 90 days of paid maternity leave, up to two confinements. To facilitate arrangements for cover of duties, application for maternity leave will have to be made not less than two months prior to the date of commencement of leave.

Absence from work due to miscarriage or any other illness arising out of pregnancy will not be considered as maternity leave, but as normal medical leave. Employees covered under ESI, shall govern as per the ESI guidelines.


     Paternity Leave

Male Employees will be granted paternity leave for 2 working days. The leave should be availed within three weeks time of the birth of the child. This will be applicable up to a maximum of two confinements.


      Special Leave

As an employee friendly organization, an employee can avail one day leave over and above the other leaves above mentioned for one special occasion. This can be either his/her birthday or wedding anniversary only.



     Compensatory Offs

An employee who has worked on a holiday is eligible for a compensatory off. However, this has to be approved by the Reporting Manager with appropriate justification for such extra work and efforts.



Holidays commemorating events of national, social and religious significance are offered to employees. Apart from scheduled weekend/ earned & casual leaves there are 10days declared as paid holidays every year.

Holidays list will be put up every year in January and accordingly applicable.


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