How to Maintain Employee HR Relationship

How to Maintain Employee HR Relationship

The role of the Human Resource department of an organization is to take care of the hiring process by helping the operational managers to churn out the best applicants. They come up with transformational processes from time to time to add value to businesses and help it stand out in the competition. The success behind the growth of any organization is its workforce. Hence it is very important to bridge the interaction gaps between employees and the HR department of a company.

Tips to get closer to Employees in A Company

Below are a few tips to help you get closer to your employee without intruding too much and at the same time avoiding being too cold.

  • Conduct orientation meetings from time to time where you may inform them about the various HR policies made to bridge the gap between employees and the organization to achieve certain goals and objectives.
  • Understand the difference between intruding and communicating. HR must be able to maintain confidentiality without distancing people at the same time.
  • In case of continued misconduct by any employee counsel him/her on your own. If they seem to go out of hand try warning them of their conduct. It is only in the worst scenario you must go for any strict action.
  • You may also issue a memorandum that will help you keep a record of the employee’s conduct while the problem is in phase.
  • Understand the level of respect you hold in your employee. You conduct i.e. the way you treat them matters a lot in this aspect. Try to be interactive but not intrusive. Do communicate but does not mean you should be intrusive into their inner circles.
  • Give your employees a feeling that you genuinely care for their interests. Help them with their grievances at work place. Be a friend but understand the thin line where can crack the whip when needed too.
  • Maintain a good relationship with employees without letting them intrude in your personal and confidential matters. Take advice from them and at the same time have them obey your new implementations too.
  • Promote friendliness but also never allow them to call you with irrespective words. You may always discuss with them their official matters as well as their personal ones. Be a listener. There is no harm is listening to their own life & experience.

This way HR is able to identify the nature and character of their employee and fill the gap of hesitation and work for better response and profit in a company.