5 advices on how to Evaluate your employee’s Performance

5 advices on how to evaluate your employee’s performance

In business, however big or small, it is necessary to have a regular summary of sales result and more importantly, of the employee performance, as this may help the employees with experience to improve their work and to be more effective and productive later. Follows will be some advices for company leaders as well as managers of any department on how to evaluate an employee’s performance.

1. Encouraging employees to self-evaluate their performance to find out their strong and weak points. It will be much more comprehensive and objective if an employee’s performance is evaluated by both the manager and himself.

2. Having a straightforward but not much negative point of view toward the weak points of an employee. It should be considered as experience and lesson to improve the later performance.

3. However small your company may be, as a director, you should not take it lightly when evaluating your employees or regularly summarizing the business result.

4. Emphasizing on what you and your employee have been acquiring as well as on what can be achieved in the future. Never use performance report to criticize the mistakes the employee made, but to make it valuable lesson of experience.

5. Trying to be fair and applying general criteria or principles to evaluate the performance of all employees.

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