6 Warning Signs You Could Lose Your Job

Warning Signs job

Most of the times you are not even aware of the fact that soon you will be fired because you miss on the warning signs at work. Sometimes it is not just your performance but situational factors that lead to such a scene. Hence, you must always be vigilant of warning signs which tell that you could lose your job.

It is really important to know in advance if you feature in that list on not because that gives you some extra time so that you can improve your performance or standing which can help you save yourself. This also gives you a longer reaction time so that you can keep a control over your impulsive behavior and let it happen at a smooth phase and simultaneously start looking for new options.

Here is a list of 6 important warning signs that can help you reach on to a conclusion. Find out what these points are…

1. Special One to One Meetings with Immediate Boss

In case you are having lots of one to one meetings with your immediate boss and you are been asked questions like what is your take on your performance or how do you rate your performance then it is an alarming situation as the management is planning to rule you out. In such a case, you can always ask your boss to help you join a training program which will enhance your performance.

2. Excessive Criticism

If you find management critiquing everything you do then you must gear up as the company is planning to fire you because of budget cuts. Whenever a boss starts to look for negatives in anything and everything then it is very much obvious that he doesn’t want you in his team. So you must start to prepare.

3. Look for Negative Body Language

If your boss prevents any kind of eye contact with you or he doesn’t like speaking to you or answering your questions then again it is one of the warnings telling you that you will soon be fired. This is quite a disturbing and negative behavior as he wishes to avoid you at every possible level.

4. There is No Much Work on Your Desk

If you find yourself free sitting at your desk looking at others doing their job then this is another very important sign telling you that you will no longer be the part of the system. This is a way of not involving you in work and letting you sit and kill your time.

5. No Invitations for Meetings

If you find all your coworkers attending the meetings about which you have not been informed then it is again an indication that the company doesn’t want you. This shows that everyone is avoiding you and they are increasing pressure on you to resign all by yourself.

6. Coworkers Start to Avoid

Another very important warning is when your coworkers and colleagues start to avoid you. They stop talking when you join them, they don’t hang out with you during lunch breaks, they don’t speak with you. All these behaviors hint that you might be fired at any point in time and everyone knows about it.

These are 6 very obvious warning signs which indicate that you could lose your job.