Rejection Letter Sample Template for Job Candidates

Job interview is an important step to get into a dream company with lucrative salary. Of course, everyone comes prepared for the expected possible questions with smart answers. At some of the interview venues, the officials ask for curriculum vitae with attached passport size a result of the process, the interviews comprises of two or three rounds; depending on the requirement of the profile. Initially, it is the HR round that gets followed by a technical or test round and the final one is with company’s manager or managing director. On getting satisfied, job offer letter is provided to the candidate. Some candidates have to face rejection. To them, some authorities directly communicate on the interview venue; while, some others send Job Candidate Rejection Letter through email. One can even check the Job Rejection Letter Sample provided underneath.

Sarah Parker,

Hoskins and Collin Pvt. Ltd

11th, Madison Square Gardens,

New York City, USA – 10010.

Subject: Non-Acceptance of Candidature

Hello Mr. Jim Robinson,

We are very thankful that you took out time from your schedule to appear for the respective interview of Marketing Manager in our company. Your time and interest in the position is quite appreciable. It is important for us to inform you that the position has got its candidate with suitable experience and skills. This does not mean that your aptitude was not a considerable part. The slight margin in the experience and skill set enabled other candidate to clinch the role.

You are free to apply for other position at the company in near future. Our administration has kept your contact number and other details in the record section. There is a possibility of the company to contact you for suitable positions as per your skills and experience. It would be really good for us to have you on board next time. We wish you luck for your future job prospects and hope that you ave success in every aspect of life.

We extend our heartiest wishes to you for thriving career ahead for sure.


Sarah Parker

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