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Rejection Letter Sample Template for Job Candidates

Job interview is an important step to get into a dream company with lucrative salary. Of course, everyone comes prepared for the expected possible questions with smart answers. At some of the interview venues, the officials ask for curriculum vitae with attached passport size a result of the process, the interviews comprises of two or three rounds; depending on the requirement of the profile. Initially, it is the HR round that gets followed by a technical or test round and the final one is with company’s manager or managing director. On getting satisfied, job offer letter is provided to the candidate. Some candidates have to face rejection. To them, some authorities directly communicate on the interview venue; while, some others send Job Candidate Rejection Letter through email. One can even check the Job Rejection Letter Sample provided underneath.

Sarah Parker,

Hoskins and Collin Pvt. Ltd

11th, Madison Square Gardens,

New York City, USA – 10010.

Subject: Non-Acceptance of Candidature

Hello Mr. Jim Robinson,

We are very thankful that you took out time from your schedule to appear for the respective interview of Marketing Manager in our company. Your time and interest in the position is quite appreciable. It is important for us to inform you that the position has got its candidate with suitable experience and skills. This does not mean that your aptitude was not a considerable part. The slight margin in the experience and skill set enabled other candidate to clinch the role.

You are free to apply for other position at the company in near future. Our administration has kept your contact number and other details in the record section. There is a possibility of the company to contact you for suitable positions as per your skills and experience. It would be really good for us to have you on board next time. We wish you luck for your future job prospects and hope that you ave success in every aspect of life.

We extend our heartiest wishes to you for thriving career ahead for sure.


Sarah Parker

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Rejecting Offer Letter Because of Salary

Finding a job of your choice is not easy. You have to look into different aspects to make sure that the offer you are accepting is beneficial to you. Sometimes everything goes good and you end up getting selected for the job and you receive an offer letter for the same. But unfortunately, the salary offered by the company is not as per your expectations. In such a scenario, the professional way of rejecting the offer is by sending a formal letter. Make sure you state the reason because of which you cannot accept the offer.

Here is the sample of rejecting offer letter because of salary which you can use to create a customized draft with all essential details. Refer to this example and create your own formal letter.

Sample Rejecting Offer Letter Because of Salary

Ana Simpson

25 Park Avenue Apartments

Silicon Street

New York

Date: 28th December, 2015


Sam Anthony

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

St. Andrew Street

New York

Dear Mr. Anthony,

This is response to the offer letter for employment at ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. I am highly honored to have been selected for this job but unfortunately I will have to decline your offer. I have carefully analyzed and weighted this opportunity and the salary and I feel that the remuneration offered will not be able to meet my financial needs. It has been a tough decision to make because I was very excited to work such a reputed company. Moreover, I got to meet some wonderful people during the course of the interview. If possible, then I will be happy to negotiate the salary for the position offered, something that suits well with my experience and qualification will be a good deal.

Thank you for the offer and for your time. I hope we get to meet again.

Yours sincerely,

Ana Simpson

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How to Write a Candidate Rejection Letter

Rejection is never easy. But sending a formal rejection letter to the applicants who could not make it to the final selection is a great gesture by the company. It shows their concern towards the applicant and makes them stand out. Such a company is always appreciated and loved by employees.

Writing a candidate rejection letter is not so easy as you need to pick the right words which inform the candidate about the news and also motivate him to work harder in future. It has to be polite and encouraging. Here are some steps which will make this task a little easier for you. While writing your own draft, keep these important points in mind and write a personalized formal rejection letter.

Tips for Writing Formal Candidate Rejection Letters

  • Say it Straight

There is no need for you to make your letter long. Keep it short, simple and strictly to the point. There is no need for you to make your letter long. Keep it short, simple and strictly to the point. Rejection letter should be clear and straightforward without being rude.

  • Personalize It

Make sure that you mention the name of the candidate, the position for which he applied and other subjective details to make it look personalized.

  • Gracious and Polite

If the candidate could not make it to the final selections then he must be informed about it in a pleasant and polite manner. Do not make it look like dry or unpleasant. Keep the tone soft and encouraging.

  • Cut the Crap

Do not mention anything in the letter that is not needed. Remember to keep it strictly to the point. Every sentence has to be meaningful.

  • State the Reason

It is always good to state a reason for not selecting the candidate. This makes him aware of what he lacks or where he needs to improve. This is a constructive way of dealing with it. If you want to keep it simple then you can always state that this position has been filled by someone whose credentials suit best for the profile.

  • Mark an Impression

You must remember that rejection letter is a wonderful opportunity for you to create an impression about your company. You can impress him by writing a formal letter of rejection. Do not take it easy or consider it as unimportant.

  • End it With a Positive Note

It is always the best thing to do. The candidate must not feel rejected after reading the letter rather he should have a positive feel. If you think him to be a good choice then you can always ask him to apply in future or for other post. Also thank him for investing his precious time in the process of recruitment by being a part of it.

  • Wish Luck For Future

Do not forget to wish the candidate good luck for all his future ventures. This is a good way of ending the letter.

These are some of the points you must keep in mind while writing a professional candidate rejection letter. Keep these tips in mind and you will not go wrong.

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Job Applicant Rejection Sample Letter

Job Rejection letter written for those Job applicants who are not selected for an interview. This template letter to be sent to a job applicant in order to inform the applicant that his or her qualifications do not match the companies requirements.

 Rejection Letter


Dear (Name of the candidate)

I regret to inform you that your recent application for the position of (designation) at (name of the organization) has been rejected.

Even if you meet all the requirements, the hiring team appointed a candidate with more experience than you currently possess and with just the right skills required for this job.

 I however thank you for your application at (company name) and wish you all the success for your future.



(Your name and Your Digital Signature)


Click Here To Download Rejection Letter

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