How to Write a Maternity Leave Letter?

maternity leave letter

If you are working and you are expecting a baby then to enjoy a well-arranged pregnancy, you must pen a maternity leave letter to your boss or HR manager so that there is no hassle when your due date is approaching or when you plan to resume your work. But if you are confused about how to frame your letter then this article unfolds all the important steps that one must keep in mind while writing a professional and informative maternity leave letter. Follow these steps to create a perfect letter so that you can enjoy your pregnancy with ease.

Steps in Writing Professional Maternity Leave Letter

  • Addressing the Letter to the Right Person

The first and the foremost point is to address your letter to the right person. Mostly, it is either your boss or the HR manager to which you should be addressing your request letter. Make sure you start with the left hand corner on top, mentioning the name, designation and contact details of the person to whom you are addressing your letter to.

  • Always Include the Subject

The next important point is to mention the subject to bring clarity on the subject even before the person has opened the letter. Keep it short, sweet and informative. For instance, “Application for maternity leave” is a well framed subject which makes everything clear and easy to understand.

  • Start With Greetings

It is always the best way to begin your letter. Start with greeting the person to whom the letter is addressed to. For example, if you are addressing it your HR Manager, Mr. Adam Cullen, then you must start with “Dear Mr. Cullen,” and end it with a comma. It is good to be specific.

  • Focus on the Body of the Letter

Body of the letter has to be nicely framed. It has to be informative and complete in every sense so that there is no confusion in stating your condition or your requests. In the very first paragraph, you must begin with stating that you are pregnant. Do not miss on mentioning it thinking that it is obvious.

Then the second paragraph must talk about your application for maternity leave and full maternity benefits. You must also mention the date from which you wish to start your leave and the duration for which you will be absent from work. Do mention your planned return date. But keep your dates flexible as you really don’t know about the situation once you have delivered the baby. Make sure you mention that you will confirm your return date.

  • Thank the Reader

It is good manners to thank the reader for taking out time to read your application and also express your gratitude towards considering your request.

  • Sign the Letter

In the end you must write ”Sincerely” and sign it after you have written your name.

  • Mention Your Contact Details

Do not forget to mention your contact number, email id and address once you have signed the letter.

Points to Remember

  • Save a copy of your leave application
  • Submit the letter to the concerned person 10 weeks before you plan to go on leave so that things can be managed accordingly.
  • Make sure that you have read your company policy about maternity leave before submitting the request for leave.