Family Emergency Leave Request Letter Sample

Family Emergency Leave Request Letter

It happens so often that there is some emergency situation in the family and you are required to be with your family members to handle the situation. It becomes a little difficult to strike a balance between the responsibilities at work and the responsibilities of your family. In such a scenario, all that you can do is write a professional family emergency leave letter which consists of all the reasons because of which you need an immediate leave in order to inform your employers about the situation.

Family Emergency Leave Request Letter Sample


Mathew Brown

A-42, Park Avenue Street

New York

Date:26th February 2015


Sheila John
Marketing Manager

Amazing Technologies
1234 Park Avenue Road
New York

Dear Mrs. Sheila John,
This is to inform you that I am compelled to take an urgent leave due to some emergency situation in my family. My wife just called me to tell that her father has just collapsed because of cardiac arrest and he has been taken to the hospital. So I need to go to the hospital right away so that I can be there with my family. I will try to resume my work as soon as possible and will inform you about the status of the leaves I need one my father-in-law’s medical condition is clear.

I have explained all the details about my current project to my co-worker Mr. David Smith so that the project doesn’t suffer from any loss. I will also be available on phone, if in case there are any queries. My work record explains that I have been a dedicated employee of the company and I will never let the company bear any losses because of my absence.

I can be contacted during my leave via telephone at 123-45678 and email at [email protected]. Please leave me a message if case there is any questions or queries and I will respond them at the earliest. I thank you for considering this emergency leave as I need to leave urgently to be with my family. And I will make sure that I resume the work at the earliest and take charge of my responsibilities at work.

Thanking in anticipation. Looking forward for your response.

Yours sincerely,

Mathew Brown

Project Manager

Amazing Technologies

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