New Monthly Return Under Factories Act in Maharashtra

I am attaching format of monthly return (Form 27A) introduced for the first time under Maharashtra Factories (Amendment) Rules 2012 notified on 3.1.2012 to be filed by all factories electronically by 10th of each month. It will be noticed that wages sheet giving employee-wise details of wages has also to be filed with the return. In case of factories having less than 10 employees and covered under Section 85 shall file monthly return in respect of 3 months at the end of the quarter.


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Government of Maharashtra Directorate Industrial Safety and Health Department


Form 27 A
Monthly Return
[ See rule 119 (2) ]
Salary statement for the month ended………………………………
This return is to be submitted by all factories electronically
General information
1 Name and address of factory, street,
city, district
2 Name and designation of owner /employer
3 Name and designation of manager
4 Contact details of employer Telephone Fax
e-mail Mobile
5 Contact details of manager Telephone Fax
e-mail Mobile
6 Unique Factory Number
7 Registration number and its expiry date under Registration Number Expiry Date
Factoris Act
8 Legal Status of establishment a.Proprietorship
c.Private Limited Company
d.Public Limited Company
e.Cooperative Firm
f.Family Business
9 Ownership a. National
c.Joint National and Foreign
10 Type of employment as per the Schedule write down approriate type among the
in the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 Schedule
(Examplaes : Engineering, Loundry, Plastics etc.)
11 Date of commencement of factory
Workers over 18 years Workers over 15 years but < 18 years Workers below15 years Total
12 Managers and supervisors (whose wage < 10,000)
13 Number of permanent employees
14 Contract workers
15 Temporary workers
Casual workers
Badli workers
16 Apprentices
17 Family members


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