Job Handover Format In Excel

Alongwith handover of assets, handover of responsibilities is of absolute importance.

We need to make sure that the person will not leave giving half of the job knowledge to the assessor. Also person who is taking handover should understand all the tasks even the small & rare ones.

I have prepared a handover paper for reception profile. I hope it may be useful for you. You just need to mention the activities / tasks according to the post of the person who is leaving.

Handover Paper
Sr. Tasks / Activities Date Explained Understood
No. Sign of Sign of
a person a person
who is giving who is taking
Handover Handover
1 Phone system (attending, trasferring, connecting, con. Call etc)
2 Courier, postages, inward / outward documentation etc. related
(procedure, docket file,concerned persons contact etc.)
3 Bill & Cheques entries in Register
4 Travel ticket booking (agent name, contact, procedure etc.)
5 Hotel Booking (procedure, contacts etc.)
6 Supervising Housekeeping staff (checklist, their timings, duties etc.)
7 Sending internal mails (for meetings, birthdays etc.)
8 SIM cards (preparation of letter,  record documents, file)
9  coordination with vodafone
(contact name & no, activation, devactivation etc. limit etc. )
10 First Aid box (place, material required, how to bought etc.)
11 Telephone Instruments / landlines bills, maintenance etc.
 (contact name & nos., procedure)
12 Pantry requirements (procedure for purchase, maintenance etc.)
13 Opening of Bank Accounts
(documents required, bank contact details, & procedure)
14 Track of newspaper, tea (monthly bill, contact nos. of concerned persons)
15 Suggestion & complaint registers, showing it to concerned authorities
16 Employee ID cards, assiging access cards, registering on machines,
getting ID cards printed etc. procedure, printers contact details etc.)
17 All the rest third party contact details (name of concerned person & no.)
18 Greeting vistors (asking for whom to meet, what information to take,
 visting card to ask,  asking office boy for water etc., ask to seat & wait)
19 Stamp making
20 All the other files / documentation / registers maintained.
21 All computer files with their path on PC (drive & folder wise)
22 Assigning / Distributing work to office boys, should know where
they have been sent. Supervising on their work.
23 Scanning documents & cards & saving them.

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