Criteria for Best Employee of the Year Award

How to create Criteria for Employee of the Year Award ?

What happens in successful company is they hire heavily weigh personality that will come handy and quite useful in the long run. They go for the most apt employees during the hiring process. There are a few common qualities employers look for that makes them most dependable and reliable in the company. Traits like being disciplined, proactive, punctual, and passionate about work and so one being the most common ones. These attributes come a long way while deciding on the ‘best employee award’ to motivate people in an organization.

Below we have discussed a few of the parameters that help while deciding on the best employee award:

1.  Consider the ones with dissenting voice

 Look out for employees who do not always nod at every single decision by their seniors. They must be daring enough to be able to challenge and question the authority if they have something better in mind in lieu of a certain decision. However, understand the thin line, they should be challenging and not trouble making.

2. Consider the ones who are dedicated and never fail to take initiative

They are enthusiast and motivated employees and if required even hang on beyond official working hours to complete the work at hand and meet deadline. They are not rebellious but work against company’s norms from time to time on to bring profit and recognition.

3. Consider the ones with the most excellent communication skills

Come out of the notion that only PRs need to have good speaking skills. You cannot expect an employee who interact less to bring better work benefits. Then again, employees need support and assistance from time to time which is where this skill comes quite handy. Teamwork is substantial in every organization.

4. Consider the ones who are keen on listening and abiding to instructions

Misunderstandings and miscommunications are normal. You being an HR must be considerate to the circumstances before judging on any issue. They do more than expected and surprise the company from time to time with their ouput.

5. Consider the ones who do not run away from responsibilities

There will be certain employees who will always try to justify the wage received with better outputs every time. However, results are visible in the mass-produced products and not as individual craftsmanship. They are enthusiast and are every ready to provide a helping hand whenever asked for. They are responsive and always come up with new vibrant ideas.

These are the few points you should keep in mind while considering ‘best employee award’ in an organization.