Appraisal Form For Sales Manager

I have attached Appraisal Form For Sales Manager in word format.

Performance Evaluation Form


         Department      : Marketing

         Department      : Sales Manager

                     Review Period : 01/01/04 to 30/11/04

Employee Name        :

Designation                :                                                       Date of Joining         :

Qualification             :                                            Location                    :

Date of Birth              :                                                        Employment Status : Probationary/Confirmed



Part A:


Please assess your performance in the following areas in terms of your current role requirements based on the ratings,

Exceeds Expectations – (4)

Meets Expectations – (3)

Meets Minimal Requirements – (2)

Unable to meet Requirements – (1)


Rating Factors

Self Appraisal






Personal Traits


V – Versatility


I – Interaction with

1.      Superiors

  1. Colleagues
  2. Dealers
  3. Distributors
  4. External Agencies
B – Building Company image/business

H – Honesty

A – Accountability
Job Competency
  1. Territory planning
  1. Formulating innovative strategies
  1. Planning, budgeting sales promotional activities
  1. Identifying man power requirement
  1. Setting targets for self and team
  1. Coordination of activities

7.      Meeting targets within deadlines

  1. Team building
  1. Training and evaluating staff performance
  1. Motivating the team

11.  Product knowledge

12.  Market knowledge

  1. Competitor awareness

14.  New market survey and analysis

15.  Analysing sales promotional activities

16.  Forecasting the sales

17.  Monitoring of stock transfers and sales returns

18.  Monitoring of security deposits

19.  Quality awareness in lot wise dispatches

  1. Promptness in submission of reports and travel expenses claims

21.  Economy in use of Company resources

22.  Maintenance of vehicle if provided

  1. Responsiveness to the requests for service
  1. Computer knowledge
General Attitude
  1. Punctuality
  1. Attendance
  1. Personal appearance
4.      Communication skills
  1. Decision making skills
  1. Problem solving skills
  1. Emotional stability
  1. Striving for new knowledge
  1. Self discipline
  1. Diplomacy
  1. Commitment to work
  1. Commercial judgement


Part B:


1)      Please list the major responsibilities of your job in order of importance.










2)      What do you consider to be the most important achievements of your career this year?






3)      Please list the major problems you have solved in the review period.






4)      Please specify the Appreciation(s) (if any) you received from the Management in the review period.





5)      Please state the Additional activities you have involved related to your job in the review period.






6)      What additional responsibilities you would like to take in the next year?






7)      What motivates you,

a) Increment                                        e) Recognition

b) Secure Employment                 f) Creative and Challenging work

c) Designation                                    g) Role Expansion

d) Promotion                                       h) Training and Development


8)      Have you acquired any other qualification in this year, if so please specify.





9)      What elements of your job interest you the most and why?





10)  What elements of your job do you find most difficult and why?





11)   Is there any Grievance that you wish to bring to the notice of the Management? (Please do not hesitate, if genuine, the same will be looked into)





12)   Your goal in the Organization in near future.

By                                   2005                                       2006                                       2007




13)  What sort of training/experience would benefit you in the next year?





14)  Please specify the problems (if any) beyond your control, which have affected your ability and efficiency.





15)  Briefly specify the Strength and Weakness of Vibha in your Department.





16)  Prospects of growth of Vibha in the Seed Industry as per your perception.

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) No Scope


17)  Your Comments concerning this appraisal. (Optional)






   Employee Signature


Functional Head Comments:

Name :


















Appraiser Signature



Management Comments:






















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