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How to Handle Employees After Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is an important and interesting time for every employee because this is the time when the performance of every employee is reviewed over a certain time period. This also involves feedbacks on his working and appreciating his dedication and work. But when managers send these appraisal letters there are all kinds of emotions seen amongst employees; some are happy as they have been fairly rewarded and some are disappointed as they have not received what they were expecting. Workers never utter a word when they have received a good hike but they always have complaints when appraisals don’t go as per their expectations.

Hence, it is extremely important for the managers to handle employees after their appraisal because it is essential for the organization and its performance. This article talks about some of these points.

Congratulate the ones who have received a decent appraisal

As a manager you must never forget to appreciate and congratulate the worker who has either good a hike in his salary or has been promoted. This is important as desires your acknowledgement and it works as a dose of motivation for him to work with more of dedication and enthusiasm to deliver better performance. Also a person who has worked with honesty, dedication and discipline throughout the year deserves to be congratulated and appreciated for this performance. It is a sweet gesture which infuses him with energy and zeal.

Attend the ones who have received a bad appraisal

These are the most sensitive employees at present because after for one year, they feel all their efforts have gone down the drain because the appraisal that they have received is not what they had expected. As a result of this, suddenly they become extremely negative about the organization, about the reviewing authorities and about their immediate supervisors and managers. Well, such a behavior is quite expected when you are expecting something big. Hence, it is the duty of the management to handle these employees with utmost care because the way they behave after a bad appraisal is negative and immature. You need to sit with them and ask them to look for reasons because of which they have not been able to achieve what they had desired for. As a senior, it is your duty to show them a positive path and ask them not to lose to lose hope. You must cheer them and help them revive their confidence levels so that they can start working with greater force. You need to tell them that thinking negative about the organization and fighting with your colleagues will not do any good to you.

Here are some steps which you must keep in mind while speaking with them.

  • Help them find reasons for such an appraisal

It is very much important that you ask them to look into reasons because of which they have been given a bad appraisal. This will help them find negatives in their working which they can improve and give their performance a boost. Self introspection is something that they need. This will help them not to think negative about the situation rather find out reasons for failure so that they can develop and become a better person. And for sure they will be able to look at the positive side of the situation and take a lesson from what has happened. And you would also come to know if your worker is facing some problem while delivering his duties. This way you will become aware about the weak aspects of your organization which you can also improve. Such a session can be mutually beneficial.

  • Ask them to speak their heart to vent out the frustration

It is important to help these candidates find a vent to let their frustration and irritation out. This will help them speak their heart out. What they feel about management, what wrong has the managers done to them and various other things will help them feel at ease. You can send them motivational mails and quotes to help them perform better and not lose hope. You need to encourage them to work better and read motivational books. You can even ask them to talk their heart and they will surely feel better. You can even guide them to do the right thing. You will have to be really very patient with them.

So keep all these points in mind to make sure that you are able to deal with your workers in the most effective way once they have been appraised. If the one who is happy is not appreciated then he feels sad and likewise, the one who is not satisfied is not counseled rightly then he may feel negative about the organization.

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Different Types of Performance Appraisal Biases

We all are humans and so we have prejudices and biases which become a part of our working and we don’t even know how. That’s the reason managers sometimes make mistakes while analyzing and evaluating the performance of their employees because they let their biases and judgment errors interfere with their decision. As a result of which, the process of performance appraisal gets spoiled. These biases are inaccurate distortion of performance measurement.

This article talks about different types of performance appraisals biases which are generally observed. Let us study each one of them one by one to find out how they affect the decision of the managers.


This effect comes into picture when a manager measures the performance of an employee based on some of his perceived positive trait, characteristic, quality or feature. As a result, he ends up rating the employee either too high or too low in other features depending upon his ranking in any one trait which influences other traits. In case, the worker has been absent from work at few times then while evaluating the performance, manager ends up rating him high in other areas which affect his overall ranking.


As the name suggests, this affect arises when the manager forms an overall impression about the individual he is evaluating for performance based on one particular feature of the individual defined by him. As a result, the performance evaluation gets affected because it doesn’t provide a proper base for evaluating the performance.


It is quite natural to rate people on your own standards or values or our own mental makeup when we are evaluating. When managers are evaluating the performance of employees at the time of appraisal, they either rank them too strictly or too casually. It is natural for some supervisors to rank people high and some rank people with stiffness. This is so because the former kinds of people prefer taking the line of least resistance and the latter are very particular with rating and hence take assessment too seriously because of which they end up being extra strict. When supervisors rank individuals casually then the system becomes ineffective because there is no differentiation between those who perform well and those who perform average as everyone is enjoying high ranks.


In this kind of performance bias, managers evaluate employee’s performance based on any one negative quality or the feature that they have perceived in their minds. Due to this, they end up giving a lower rank to the individual without taking into consideration other points which are actually related to the performance.


This is yet another very common bias which is quite natural to happen. The way the supervisor feels about every person who works under him will always influence the appraisal. If he dislikes someone then obviously he is going to rank him negatively and vice versa. There can be various reasons for personal biases to occur. It can happen as a result of feedback from other employees, social background or family culture of that particular person.


In this bias, the individual is evaluated on the basis of his recent behavior or performance. The manager ends up forgetting his overall performance during a particular period and just keeping his recent behavior in picture while evaluating him which often leads to wrong ratings.


In such a bias, supervisors tend to evaluate the present performance of an employee based on his past performance. For instance, if the person has not been a good performer then it is presumed to be a bad performer in the present times and vice versa.


In this kind of bias, while evaluating and analyzing the performance, appraisers end up rating all the individuals as average performers. They neither rate anyone too positive nor too negative; rather they maintain a central tendency. This again hampers the evaluation process as there is not much difference between an average performer and an excellent performer.

All these performance appraisal biases interfere with the process and distort the results.

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Appraisal Form For Sales Manager

I have attached Appraisal Form For Sales Manager in word format.

Performance Evaluation Form


         Department      : Marketing

         Department      : Sales Manager

                     Review Period : 01/01/04 to 30/11/04

Employee Name        :

Designation                :                                                       Date of Joining         :

Qualification             :                                            Location                    :

Date of Birth              :                                                        Employment Status : Probationary/Confirmed



Part A:


Please assess your performance in the following areas in terms of your current role requirements based on the ratings,

Exceeds Expectations – (4)

Meets Expectations – (3)

Meets Minimal Requirements – (2)

Unable to meet Requirements – (1)


Rating Factors

Self Appraisal






Personal Traits


V – Versatility


I – Interaction with

1.      Superiors

  1. Colleagues
  2. Dealers
  3. Distributors
  4. External Agencies
B – Building Company image/business

H – Honesty

A – Accountability
Job Competency
  1. Territory planning
  1. Formulating innovative strategies
  1. Planning, budgeting sales promotional activities
  1. Identifying man power requirement
  1. Setting targets for self and team
  1. Coordination of activities

7.      Meeting targets within deadlines

  1. Team building
  1. Training and evaluating staff performance
  1. Motivating the team

11.  Product knowledge

12.  Market knowledge

  1. Competitor awareness

14.  New market survey and analysis

15.  Analysing sales promotional activities

16.  Forecasting the sales

17.  Monitoring of stock transfers and sales returns

18.  Monitoring of security deposits

19.  Quality awareness in lot wise dispatches

  1. Promptness in submission of reports and travel expenses claims

21.  Economy in use of Company resources

22.  Maintenance of vehicle if provided

  1. Responsiveness to the requests for service
  1. Computer knowledge
General Attitude
  1. Punctuality
  1. Attendance
  1. Personal appearance
4.      Communication skills
  1. Decision making skills
  1. Problem solving skills
  1. Emotional stability
  1. Striving for new knowledge
  1. Self discipline
  1. Diplomacy
  1. Commitment to work
  1. Commercial judgement


Part B:


1)      Please list the major responsibilities of your job in order of importance.










2)      What do you consider to be the most important achievements of your career this year?






3)      Please list the major problems you have solved in the review period.






4)      Please specify the Appreciation(s) (if any) you received from the Management in the review period.





5)      Please state the Additional activities you have involved related to your job in the review period.






6)      What additional responsibilities you would like to take in the next year?






7)      What motivates you,

a) Increment                                        e) Recognition

b) Secure Employment                 f) Creative and Challenging work

c) Designation                                    g) Role Expansion

d) Promotion                                       h) Training and Development


8)      Have you acquired any other qualification in this year, if so please specify.





9)      What elements of your job interest you the most and why?





10)  What elements of your job do you find most difficult and why?





11)   Is there any Grievance that you wish to bring to the notice of the Management? (Please do not hesitate, if genuine, the same will be looked into)





12)   Your goal in the Organization in near future.

By                                   2005                                       2006                                       2007




13)  What sort of training/experience would benefit you in the next year?





14)  Please specify the problems (if any) beyond your control, which have affected your ability and efficiency.





15)  Briefly specify the Strength and Weakness of Vibha in your Department.





16)  Prospects of growth of Vibha in the Seed Industry as per your perception.

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) No Scope


17)  Your Comments concerning this appraisal. (Optional)






   Employee Signature


Functional Head Comments:

Name :


















Appraiser Signature



Management Comments:






















 Click Here To Download Appraisal Form For Sales Manager

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Staff Performance Appraisal Form

Please find attached format of Performance Appraisal. I hope this will help you to measure the performance of all your employees.


Click Here To Download Performance Appraisal Form T01 to M02

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Employee Performance Evaluation Sheet

Herewith i have attach Employee Performance Evaluation sheet which may be helpful. Further you can add your points and criteria as per your companies requirement to evaluate employee performance.


Performance Measurement Sheet
Job Title/Designation: Administration and HR – Executive Division/Department Hr/Admin
Salary Grade/Band: G3 Manager Name UMR & JKS & SSG
Name of Employee Joining Date 14/09/09
Department Review Period 2009-10
Purpose of Appraisal Annual evaluation of current employees during the last 6 months
Scoring System
Attribute Score
Outstanding 5
Exceeds Requirements 4
Meets Requirements 3
Need Improvement 2
Unsatisfactory 1
Quality of Work 11
Accuracy, neatness and timeliness of work 4
Adherence to duties and procedures in Job Description and Work Instructions 4
Synchronization with organizations/functional goals 3
Work Habits 17
Punctuality to workplace 4
Attendance 4
Doest the employee stay busy, look for things to do, takes initiatives at workplace 5
Submits reports on time and meets deadlines 4
Job Knowledge 10
Skill and ability to perform job satisfactorily 3
Shown interest in learning and improving 4
Problem solving ability 3
Additional Comments
Interpersonal relations/ behaviour 17
Responds and contributes to team efforts 3
Responds positively to suggestions and instructions and criticism 4
Keeps supervisor informed of all details 3
Adapts well to changing circumstances 3
Seeks feedback to improve 4
Additional Comments
LEADERSHIP Max. Marks = 25
Leadership 19
Aspirant to climb up the ladder, accepts challenges, new responsibilities and roles 8
Innovative thinking – contribution to organizations and functions and personal growth 7
Work motivation 4
Additional Comments
Total Overall Score : (Out of 100 points) 74
Employee performance and learning is unsatisfactory and is failing to improve at a satisfactory rate
Employee performance and learning is acceptable and is improving at a satisfactory rate
Employee has successfully demonstrated outstanding overall performance
Additional Comments
Next Review Date
Evaluator’s Name:
Director’s Name:


Click Here To Download Appraisal or Evaluation Sheet


Thank you Letter to Employees for Hard Work

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Warning Enquiry Appraisal format

I have Attached Warning Enquiry Appraisal format












It is reported against you that on ________(date) at ________(time) you_____ (mention clearly the act or acts of misconduct alleged).



The acts, as alleged above to have been committed by you, amount to misconduct which, if proved, would warrant serious disciplinary action against you.


Accordingly, you are hereby required to show cause within _______ days of the receipt hereof as to why you should not be dismissed or other wise punished.


Should you fail to submit your explanation as required, It will be presumed that you admit the charges and have no explanation to offer and the matter will be disposed of without any further reference to you.


Since the charges, leveled against you, are of grave and serious nature, you are herby suspended pending further proceedings and final orders in the matter.


The receipt of this letter should be acknowledged.





















You have been absenting from duty without leave since………..and as such services are liable to be terminated according to the rules of the company.


You are, therefore, called upon to show cause why your services will not be terminated  under Clause ……….of the State………Model Standing Orders Act OR Certified Standing Orders rules of the company / establishment for such continued / habitual absence.


















It has been reported against you as under :


On…………at……………….you,…………..……………..(details of alleged misconduct)  The act(s) alleged to have been committed by you amount to misconduct.


Accordingly, you are hereby called upon to submit your written explanation and show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against you.


Your explanation must reach the undersigned within 48 hours. Should you fail to submit your explanation required, the matter will be disposed of without any further reference to you.



























Your explanation dated ………….. in reply to show cause notice dated………. Has been found to be unsatisfactory.


You are accordingly hereby warned.


You are further advised in your own interest to be cautious and not to repeat such an act in future.

































Your explanation dated … reply to show cause notice / letter of charge dated…….has been found to be unsatisfactory.



The gravity of misconduct committed by you is such that it warrants severe punishment.  However, we are taking a lenient view this time and have decided to award you this stern warning.



Should you repeat any such thing in future or commit any other misconduct we will not hesitate to take strict disciplinary action against you.





























Your leave record shows that you are in the habit of absenting off and on and in spite of the fact that you have been verbally advised and are warned for improving your attendance you have not shown any improvement. You were again absent on ………. Without any authorization. You are being given another opportunity to correct yourself and in case you do not show any improvement we will have no alternative but to take a serious view of your action. On your above absence you are being strongly warned.




































It has been reported that today at 09.00a.m when your supervisor asked you to do…………………you refused to carry out the instructions and shouted at him. In your explanation you have admitted your mistake.  Although drastic action could have been taken against you for insubordination, but with a view to reform you, you are being given another opportunity and we hope you will be very careful in future in such matters. You are being warned.






















Mr./ Ms……………………..





It is reported against you that on ________(date) at ________(time) you_____ (mention clearly the act or acts of misconduct alleged).



The acts, as alleged above to have been committed by you, amount to misconduct which, if proved, would warrant serious disciplinary action against you.


Accordingly, you are hereby required to show cause within _______ days of the receipt hereof as to why you should not be dismissed or other wise punished.


Should you fail to submit your explanation as required, It will be presumed that you admit the charges and have no explanation to offer and the matter will be disposed of without any further reference to you.


Since the charges, leveled against you, are of grave and serious nature, you are herby suspended pending further proceedings and final orders in the matter.


The receipt of this letter should be acknowledged.



























Mr./ Ms……………………..





Whereas the charges amounting to gross misconduct (s) and indiscipline againt you have been leveled in accordance with Company Service Rules / Standing Order No……as per charge-sheet dated………..sent to you.


Now, therefore, you are hereby placed under suspension with effect from………under clauses………..of the Factory / Company Rules / Standing Orders. Your suspension has been considered necessary in order to maintain proper discipline in the Factory / Company / Establishment and to conduct proper enquiry against you.


You will be entitled to receive subsistence / suspension allowance of Rs……. During the period of suspension.
































Mr. / Ms…………………………..



Sir / Madam,


The Management has issued a charge-sheet to one of the employees calling for his explanation thereto. The explanation, has been found to be as unsatisfactory. The Management has decided to hold an enquiry by giving an opportunity to the delinquent employee to defend himself.


The Management has decided to appoint you as an Enquiry Officer and we need your formal approval which may kindly be conveyed at your earliest.


Please be assured that the Management will extend full co-operation in this context and Mr. / Ms……………. Has been appointed as its representative.


Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,

For & on behalf of the Management


Authorised Signatory



CC: Mr./ Ms.—————————, you are appointed as Management’s Representative to co-ordinate with the Enquiry Officer.


Note: After the disciplinary authority decides to order an enquiry, it may hold the same itself or appoint an Enquiry Officer for that purpose in the absence of a provision to the contrary in the in the service or discipline rules concerned. The Enquiry Officer functions only as a delegate of the disciplinary authority, whose conclusions and recommendations may or may not find favour with the disciplinary authority.


The prerequisites of a person to be Enquiry Officer may thus be summarized as under.:

(a)     The appointment of the Enquiry Officer should be made by an authority competent to take disciplinary action against the workman concerned.

(b)     Before making the appointment of a person to act as Enquiry Officer, it must be seen that he is a person with open mind, a mind which is not biased against the workman concerned.

(c)     A person to be Enquiry Officer must be a Responsible Officer or High Status commanding respect from the workman. He should not be a person of lower status and should not be judge in his own cause.











Mr./ Ms………………….





Ref: Your explanation dated ……………… response to the charge-sheet dated………………


We are in receipt of your explanation dated…….in response to the charge-sheet dated……..After careful consideration of your explanation, which has been found  unsatisfactory, it is considered desirable and necessary to conduct an enquiry into the charges leveled against you. You are hereby informed that the enquiry will be conducted by Sri……………….who has been entrusted with assignment to hold the enquiry.


You are, therefore, directed to attend and participate in the enquiry proceedings with all the necessary document, evidence and witness (es) that you may seek to rely upon in your defense. You are further intimated that if you fall to attend the enquiry proceedings without sufficient cause, the enquiry will be proceeded ex-parte without notice to you.





For & on behalf of the Management



Authorised Signatory





























This has reference to the charge sheet dated __________ issued to you and the enquiry held thereafter. We have since received the report of the enquiry officer, wherein the charges leveled against you have been proved.



Before we consider the findings of the enquiry officer, you are hereby given an opportunity as to what you have to say o the findings. You are given a period of three days to submit your reply. In case we do not hear from you within the stipulated time period, necessary action will follow, without further reference to you.







Manager/ Competent Authority






























This has reference to the charge sheet dated_________ issued to you & enquiry held thereafter. We have duly considered the report of the enquiry officer and are satisfied that the charges as leveled against you have been proved against you in the enquiry.


In view of the serious nature of misconduct committed by you & fully proved against you, it has been decided to dispense with your services. However, on compassionate grounds considering extenuating and aggravating circumstances, the management, instead of dismissing you from services has decided to impose lesser punishment of discharge on you with immediate effect from____________


Your final payment of dues including wages for 1 month in lieu of notice will be made to you in the office on or before____________ during office hours on any working day after you hand over the charge.






Manager/ Competent Authority























                                                    ORDER OF DISMISSAL









We have received the enquiry report that was held on_______________ against you consequent to the charge sheet dated______________. After going through the proceedings of the enquiry, we find that the charges have been proved against you.


Since the charge (s) committed by you is/are of serous nature, the appropriate punishment is dismissal from service. You are therefore, hereby dismissed from service with effect from ____________ you can collect your dues, if any, and settle your account on any working day during the office hours from Accounts Department.







Manager/ Authorised person with designation


C.C : – The Accounts Deptt. for information if necessary action.
































Your past conduct and service records reveal that you have no initiative or sense of responsibility. Frequently, you have stayed away from duty & neglected your work. Time & again you were warned/ reprimanded but there has been no improvement. We tried our best to motivate you to take interest in the work & to observe regularity & punctuality but of no avail. You have been as careless as ever & have refused to perform your duties seriously. Your carelessness has not caused the work to suffer but it is also likely to effect the discipline among other members of the staff.


Under circumstances we are of the concerned opinion that the post held by you entails greater responsibility that you can shoulder as you lack necessary initiative, which is required for the post. Therefore, we hereby give you 1-month notice to relieve you from the present post and instead assign you post of____________ with immediate effect from_______________. This post entails lesser responsibility & we feel that you will be able to perform your duty more satisfactorily in this capacity. However, you will be entitled to only those benefits and salary that the post caries.


We must also make it clear that if you fail to show marked improvement & continue to conduct yourself in the way you have been doing, we shall be constrained to dispense with your services after holding enquiry, if necessary.







Manager/Authorized person with designation


C.C: – The Accounts deptt for information & necessary action.








                                 ORDER OF WITHOLDING ANNUAL INCREMENT/(S)







In continuance of the charge sheet dated_____________ issued to you & the Enquiry held into the charges, this is to inform you that we were satisfied that you are found guilty of the charges leveled against you and severe punishment including dismissal/discharge can be inflicted upon you.


However, on going through your past record & considering the nature of the misconduct by you the undersigned decide that this time a milder punishment will meet the ends of justice. Therefore, it has been decided to withhold your annual increment for___________year/years.



During the period for which your annual increment is being withheld the management will watch your performance and conduct and if found satisfactory the grant of increment/ increments to you will be reconsidered on the expiry of the said period.






Manager/ Authorized person with designation


C.C: – The Accounts deptt for information  & necessary action.





























This is in continuance of the charge-sheeted dated__________ issued to you & the enquiry held in pursuance thereof. As a result of the enquiry, the management is satisfied that the charges leveled against you amply proved.


On the bases of the charges proved against you, dismissal from service would be rather appropriate in the ordinary course but in consideration that this for the first time that you have been found guilty of the charge, the management decides to afford you an opportunity to improve yourself & instead of awarding the extreme penalty, impose upon you a fine of Rs._________ as punishment.






Manager/ Competent Authority



Date: –


C.C: – The Accounts Dept





























Following are the charges against you:


Perusal of your attendance record reveals that you are in habit of absenting yourself from your duties without any information and proper sanction of leave. Your absentee spells are on an increase and your absentee record for the preceding ________years are reproduced hereunder.

MONTH                                            DATES                                    NO. OF DAYS OF



________                                        __________                            ________________

XXX                                                  XXX                                                XXX

XXX                                                  XXX                                                XXX


You have been verbally advised to improve you attendance record and not to indulge in unauthorized absence from duties. But despite these verbal advises/reprimands and assurance given by you, you have not shown any improvement in your attendance.


The above act of habitual absence on your part constituted major misconduct under certified standing orders of the company applicable to you and also affects the work of the company.


You are hereby required to submit your explanation, if any to this charge-sheet within 3 days from its receipt failing which it will be presumed that you have no explanation to offer and the management will be free to take any action that may be deemed proper in you case.



For _________________________





(Authorized Signatory)









It is reported against you as under:


  1. That on______(date) at about________(time) while on duty, you in combination with others, deliberately slowed down the work in a concerted manner and instigated Mr.B & C to adopt ‘go slow’ tactics. You further threatened Mr. D who did not want to follow the suit.


  1. That while you prior production was_____ per day, your production on ________ and thereafter has been deliberately brought down to______ which is much below the normal production of a worker of average efficiency.


  1. That the above acts/omissions on your part are highly objectionable being prejudicial to the interest of the company, which has to compete with other efficiently run enterprises.


  1. That despite repeated advice not to adopt to ‘go slow’ tactics, by your superior/superiors, you did not adhere to the actual norms of production, you have been maintaining earlier but instead, kept on idling away your time.


  1. As a result of your ‘Go Slow’ tactics and instigating others to slow down the work/production has considerably gone down, resulting into loss to the company.


  1. The above acts on your part constitute major misconduct under certified standing orders no.______ and no._____ of the company applicable to you.



You are hereby required to submit your explanation, if any to this charge-sheet within 3 days from its receipt failing which it will be presumed that you have no explanation to offer and the management will be free to take any action that may be deemed proper in you case.











Appreciation Letter

Dear (Name of the candidate),

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your very active involvement _________(Reason) . The Chairman and Board Members have also asked me to pass on their sincere appreciation for your efforts in supporting us with the undertaking.

Again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic participation in our conference. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success that it was without your presence.

Best Regards,

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)

Rejection Letter

Dear (Name of the candidate)
I regret to inform you that your recent application for the Head of Security position at __(Name of the company) was unsuccessful.

Although you met all of the mandatory minimum qualifications for the position, the Interview Board chose a candidate with considerably more experience than you currently possess and also whose skill set Matches closely with the current profile we are looking at . I am  here to convey thanks for your candidacy .
On behalf of ____(Company name) I thank you for your interest and effort, and I wish you all the best in your future career endeavors.


_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)





Apology Letter

Dear (Name of the candidate)

The purpose of this is to convey to you my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced last month with respect to ____(Cause of Inconvenience). We continue to be committed in reaching your expectations. Once again , Let me convey my sincere apologies concerning this and also would see to it that this would not happen in future .


_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)




Appointment For Interview

Dear (recipient’s name),

Thank you for your application regarding the position of (job title) at (company). We are impressed with your qualifications and would like to meet with you to have a round of Discussion . Please come down to our office and take an interview any time between __ A.M to __ P.M .  Should you have any queries ,please feel free to call me _____(Mob Num) and reach me at (your Email ID) .

We look forward to meet you soon at our Office.


Best Regards,

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature







New Employee Introduction

Hi All

Please extend your warmest welcome to (name). (name) will be heading up our (department) division and is excited to begin in this capacity. He comes to us with more than (number) years in…(Industry) . She would be reached at (Corporate Email ID). Request one and all to extend your warm look upon her .

Best Regards,

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature

Extending Job Offer

Dear (recipient’s name),

We are delighted to have you be a part of (company). As discussed in your interview, we are offering you the position of (job title) your starting salary will be ___ per Year. The Break-up for the same will be provided on your Date of Joining Please acknowledge your Interest as a reply to this Email and Mention us your Date of Joining .

An Early response to the same is highly appreciated.  Look forward to have a amiable Association with you .


_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature .


Birthday Congratulations

Dear (recipient’s name)

Wish you a Happy Birthday ! We hope that you have a great year and accomplish all the fabulous goals you have set. May the coming years be filled with happiness, peace, and love.Have a Great day ahead .


_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature

HIKE Letter


Dear Employee,

We are glad to inform you that your CTC/salary is being revised to __________________. The break up of the same is as follows:

Flexi Benefit Plan:

PF Contrbution:

The other terms and conditions of the appointment remains the same.

Looking forward for a greater performance.

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature







HIKE Letter II




Dear Employee,

We take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution towards(Name of the company)_________________performance in (Year)_______. Your efforts towards helping the company achive its strategic goals are appreciated.

Your performance for the year _______ has __________ and has been evaluated as ___(Rating). Consequently, your annural compensation has been enhanced as shown below wef ________.


Fixed Cash Component(A)

Flexible Benefit Pan(FBP)
Provident Fund(PF)
Cost to Company

VariableCash Component(B)

Performance Bonus



Other Allowances(D)

Total Yearly Compensation (A+B+C+D)


Group Term Life Insurance
Group Personal Accident Insurance
Group Mediclaim Insurance

We look forward to your continued contribution that would enable us to work together as a team and scale grater heights in the coming years.

We wish you all th best for your future endeavours and contributions to our organization.







Dear Mr. /Ms,


We are very happy to inform you that you have been promoted as (designation)with effect from (due date). In accordance we hereby revise your Gross Salary as Rs    /-.Other terms and Conditions remain the same as per the appointment letter.


Kindly sign and return the duplicate of this letter as a token of your acceptance of the above terms and conditions.






With best wishes,


_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature




































To Whomsoever it may concern



This is to confirm that Ch.Sudheer is working in (Company) as (Designation) . As per the company’s record, His services were effective since (Date of Joining) . Also would want to confirm the current address of (Name of the Employee) as  “ put the Adressas per company’s Employee Records .









Human Resources

_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature


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Interview of a New Employee after a Month

We are taking feedback from the newly joined employees after completion of their probation period. For those employees who have joined as confirmed employees it is taken after 09 months. Enclosed is format. Hope you will find same useful.

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Performance Appraisal Dictionary

Performance appraisal glossary / dictionary / terms

1. Performance appraisal: also known as employee appraisal, is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in terms of quality, quantity, cost and time). Performance appraisal is a part of career development.

2. Paired Comparison Method: Ranking employees by making a chart of all possible pairs of the employees for each trait and indicating which is the better Employee of the pair.

3. Forced Distribution Method: Similar to grading on a curve; predetermined percentages of ratees are placed in various categories.

4. Graphic Rating Scale: A scale that lists a number of traits and a range of performance for each. The employee is then rated by identifying the score that best describes his or her performance for each trait.

5. Alternation Ranking Method: Ranking employees from best to worst on a particular trait.

6. Critical Incident Method: Keeping a record of uncommonly good or undesirable examples of an employee’s work-related behavior and reviewing it with the employee at predetermined times.

7. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS): An appraisal method that aims at combining the benefits of narrative and quantified ratings by anchoring a quantified scale with specific narrative examples of good and poor performance.

8. Management By Objectives (MBO): Involves setting specific measurable goals with each employee and then periodically reviewing the progress made.

9. Unclear Performance Standards: An appraisal scale that is too open to interpretation; instead, include descriptive phrases that define each trait and what is meant by standards like “good” or “unsatisfactory.”

10. Halo Effect: In performance appraisal, the problem that occurs when a supervisor’s rating of a subordinate on one trait biases the rating of that person on other traits.

11. Central Tendency: A tendency to rate all employees the same way, avoiding the high and the low ratings.

12. Strictness / Leniency: The problem that occurs when a supervisor has a tendency to rate all subordinates either high or low.

13. Bias: The tendency to allow individual differences such as age, race, and sex to affect the appraisal rates these employees receive.

14. Appraisal Interviews: An interview in which the supervisor and subordinate review the appraisal and make plans to remedy deficiencies and reinforce strengths.

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Performance Appraisal Criteria

Performance appraisal criteria

1. Appraisal criteria of top management

• Extent of achievement of organizational goals.
• Contribution towards the society.
• Degree of organizational growth and expansion.
• Profitability and return on capital employed.

2. Appraisal criteria of middle managers

• Optimal use of resources.
• Performance of the departments or teams.
• Co-ordination with other departments.
• The communication with superiors and subordinates.
• Costs Vs. revenues for a given period of time.

3. Appraisal criteria of front line supervisors

• Quantity of actual output against the targets.
• Quality of output against the targets.
• Number of accidents in a given period.
• Rate of employee absenteeism.

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360 Degree Appraisal Format

Please find attach herewith 360 Degree Appraisal Format.

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