Job Evaluation Questionnaire

Job Evaluation Questionnaire

Position Title: Level:

Please answer all questions.

1. Describe the major function of your job?

2. List the duties involved in your job function in order of the amount of time spent on each.

3. How often does the major part of your job repeat itself?

Daily 0 Weekly 0 Monthly 0 Quarterly 0 Annually 0

4. Who tells you how to do your job?

Who tells you what to do in your job?

5. Do you regularly direct the work of other people? Yes No

How many do you direct?

Who? (Position titles)

6. List unusual, or hazardous working conditions in your job. How do these conditions affect your job performance?

7. Are your actions related to the safety of others? Yes 0 No 0


8. Check the level which applies to the major duties of your job:

0 occasional lifting average weights (12–50 lbs)

0 frequent lifting average weights

0 occasional lifting heavy weights (over 50 lbs)

0 frequent lifting heavy weights

0 majority of time spent seated

0 majority of time spent on your feet

9. Check any of the following you perform and give a brief example from your major duties:

0 planning

0 coordinating

0 analyzing

0 compiling

0 calculating

0 comparing

0 copying

10. a) What kind of errors can be made in your job?

b) What is the consequence of these errors?

c) Who checks your work?

11. Describe the activities of work-required contacts as indicated in your major duties with the following
(if any):

a) students

b) other staff within your department (list)

c) staff in other departments (list)

d) people outside the University

12. What amount of experience and/or training is required for this job: (circle level)

Months: 3 6 9 12
Years: 2 3 4 5

List specific skills required to do this job.

Signature Date

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