How to Get Police Verification Certificate for Job in India

Police verification certificate for job In India - Police Clearance Certificate

Once you have been selected for a job, only after that the need of police verification comes into picture. Application for police verification certificate for job purpose is submitted to have the process started. The purpose of attaining Police Verification Certificate for job in India to ensure that the permanent address, details on education and previous jobs shared by you in your bio data is correct. Here is the procedure followed in getting Police Clearance Certificate sample:

Verification letter is sent to District Magistrate Office

The employer has to send the letter requesting for verification of the candidate to the District Magistrate. Once this application is submitted, the process for verification starts.

Check this: Letter Format to Police Verification Certificate for Job

Forwarding Letter to Superintendent of Police.

From the District Magistrate office, the letter is then sent to the Superintendent of Police who has the responsibility of executing this task.

Forwarding Letter to Police Station

The next step involves for the letter to be forwarded to local police station which falls under the permanent address of the candidate. And then the official from the police station visits the permanent address in order to verify the details mentioned in the bio data and he also asks other questions related with verification process to the candidate.

If the verification process goes smoothly, the candidate gets police verification certificate stating that all the details have matched.

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