Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy

1. General smoking policy

The company aims to create a healthy, comfortable, and productive work environment. Therefore, the company is very careful to protect employees from second hand smoke. This said, the company prohibits smoking in the workplace. It is the responsibility of all employees to abide by this policy. Be careful to note the smoking policy of the specific work location.

2. Objective of this policy

The Smoking Policy enables the company to:

• Safeguard the safety and health of staff, students, contractors and visitors.

• Reduce litter and maintain an attractive environment for all staff, contractors and visitors to enjoy and be proud of.

• Abide by legislative requirements such as the WA Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, and Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996.

• Reduce the risk of fire.

3. How to smoke at company?

If you wish to smoke, you may only do so in the following locations: [LOCATIONS]

• Your personal office, which has walls from floor to ceiling and a door, enclosed from all its surroundings that is only occupied by you.

• A designated smoking area.

If you choose to smoke in your office, you must close the door while smoking. In addition, you must be utilizing a filtering device or “smoke eater” that will prevent the smoke from bothering others when the door is opened.

4. Smoking is prohibited in:

• All company controlled buildings.

• Major thoroughfares and pathways.

• Within five metres of access points to buildings such as doors, windows, near air-conditioning vents and ducts and ‘no smoking’ signs.

• Substantially enclosed courtyards.

• All company vehicles and boats.

• Other areas designated as no smoking areas by signage

5. Breaches of the smoking policy

• All staff, contractors and visitors shall have the right to report breaches through the company reporting system.

• Managers and supervisors at all levels are encouraged to advise offenders of the Smoking Policy and request that they only smoke in areas where smoking is not prohibited.

• Managers and supervisors may also, at their discretion, inform offenders of assistance to quit smoking programs.

• Managers and supervisors at all levels shall report repeated breaches of the policy to their Deans (or equivalent) who shall manage such breaches in accordance with the relevant disciplinary procedures.

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