Steps to Write a Formal Salary Negotiation Letter

It is very important that if you are not satisfied with the offered salary then you must write a formal salary negotiation letter to the company. There is nothing bad about negotiating for a better salary provided you know the right way to put across your expectation. One thing that you must work on before framing this kind of a letter is that find out the standard salary in the industry for the profile that you have been offered. This would bring make you more confident while putting up the negotiation.

This post talks about the essential steps that you must keep in mind while framing a professional salary negotiation letter.

Start with Research

The first and the foremost step should be to research about the average salaries of the job for which you have been sent an offer letter. You can refer to internet or explore sources like business libraries and industry associations to find out about the salary. If you have friends working in other companies then make inquiries to them about the salary. You can even seek advice from independent consultants or recruiters who can provide you with complete information on the same.

Frame a Formal Letter

Once you have enough information in your hand, it is time to start writing the letter. Here are some important points that you should not miss.

  • Keep it traditional business letter format.
  • Do not make it a lengthy letter. Keep the length to around one page.
  • Make sure you keep it formal. It is good to send it through by regular mailing system.
  • Use the best available stationery.
  • Keep the tone respectful and formal.

Address it to the Right Person

While writing this letter, you should make sure that you are addressing it to the right person. Technically, you should be writing it to the hiring manager or the company official who has signed on your offer letter. Do not mistake to address it to the wrong person.

Begin with Thank You

When you start your letter, always express thanks to the company for sending you this offer and also show your interest in this opportunity. Then talk about the salary that has been offered to you, highlighting your expectation and making a counter-offer in a formal manner. You can even mention the average salary for the same profile in the industry and talk about the mismatch in the offer that has been made to you. You can also put up your worth by mentioning your experience or qualification. Make sure that you letter concentrate on the business aspects and not bring in any personal reasons.

Conclude Effectively

Once you have expressed your counter offer, it is time to conclude your letter by summarizing your letter in a professional way. Always end it with a hope for receiving reply from the other side. You can even offer to phone the receiver in few days to fix an appointment for a personal meeting. Make sure you are able to express your optimism and enthusiasm in your letter which will reflect your interest in the offer.

Follow these points to write a professional salary negotiation letter so that you can turn the table in your favor.

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