List of Important Duties of a Project Manager

Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Project manager is one person who is responsible for managing a project on the whole. There is a large variation in his duties and roles from one industry to another and one company to another. Hence, there is no such very specific list of duties that are performed by a project manager. But there are certain key HR duties and responsibilities which every project manager has to perform.

This article brings to you all those key duties which every project manager must perform in order to be successful. These set of duties are very much helpful for him in carrying our various other duties that he is expected to perform.


This is one of the most important duties of a project manager. It is for him to create a plan of action depending upon what needs to be accomplished, who will be working to accomplish the task and what are the requirements to make it happen. These are some of the planning areas in which he needs to be involved so that he is able to chart out everything using his planning skills. But it is not a onetime task but it goes on throughout the project. This is very important in bringing clarity in the project and its objectives so that the team can work with a clear state of mind and knows what it is suppose to do.


This is another very essential duty that you have to perform as project manager. It is about undertaking all the tasks concerning your planning and creating a team structure accordingly so that all the tasks can be accomplished in a clean and clear manner. As a project manager, you are required to allot all different kinds of resources into various heads keeping in mind the structure of the company. You are required to identify different roles, positions and responsibilities. List out all the services that will be provided by external sources and also define a structure of your project team in order to bring clarity of roles one needs to perform.


Project Manager must be a good leader. He needs to know how to put his plan into execution so that he is able to achieve his project objectives. He needs to take all of his team together as one entity and motivate them to deliver the best of their performances in order to meet the objectives. For this, he needs to have soft skills like clarity in communication, ability to motivate his teammates, act as problem solver etc. Leading the team is very important to give directions to the team and assign tasks to each team member so that there is coordination in work.


Another role that you are required to perform as the project manager is making sure that your project is meeting all the standards that you had set for it. It is very important to ensure at every step that your project is on track and work hard to keep it on the right path. To do that, you need to follow a simple process which includes three steps:

  1. Measure the performance
  2. Evaluate the performance by finding out causes for deviation from standards
  3. Taking corrective actions to alter deviations

These are the basic duties of a project manager which are very helpful in delivering a high class performance. So if you are planning to apply for this post, make sure you are able to perform all these functions.