Production Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Production Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Production Engineers manage the operation of one or more manufacturing workshops in a manufacturing company. Their role is to organize, set up and optimize production, while observing specifications. Their responsibilities vary based on the size and structure of the company. They can be in charge of all the products, one line in particular, or a step in the manufacturing process. Following are some frequently asked Production Engineer interview questions and answers. Make you preparation with these questions and answers for your reference.

1 Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: This is the most asked interview question. The answer to this question tells the interviewer a lot about you and what you are all about. Answer this question briefly and confidently. Talk about your experience and achievements in short. You need not mention your personality traits here in this answer.

2 Q: What do you know about this manufacturing company?

A: Before appearing for the interview, you should do some research about the company. The more in depth detail you give, the more are your chances of being selected for the job. You can also add some new information about the company which will show that you have an interest in working in the company.

3 Q: Why do you want to work for us?

A: You need to be really specific as to why you want to work for the company. Mention your qualifications and skills which relate to the job requirement of a production engineer. You have to give a convincing answer to the interviewer. Talk in a few sentences your reason for working in the company.

4 Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

A: Talk about your career related accomplishments which are closely related to the job you are applying for. You can say about things which are appreciated by your supervisor or say about what you have contributed to your previous company as your accomplishments. Accomplishments are simply milestones and the interviewer wants to learn what you have achieved in your career.

5 Q: What is your greatest weakness?

A: Be honest about your weaknesses but also talk about what steps you have taken to improve upon those weaknesses. It is best to choose a weakness that doesn’t particularly affect the job you are doing. You need not talk much about it as you can be viewed as unsuitable for the job.

6 Q: What is your greatest strength?

A: Answer with a positive strength of yours and also give specific examples of how that strength was used in your previous jobs. Whatever you say you need to also relate to the job of production engineer. The interviewer should find your strength as beneficial for the work.

7 Q:. What is your work style?

A: Show the interviewer that you believe in bringing out a quality finished product as your priority and not the speed in which you are finishing the project. You need to show the qualities that are required for a production engineer. However, you should also mention that you have no problems meeting the production deadlines.

8 Q:. How long do you expect to work for us?

A: You need not mention the specific number of years you would be working with the company. You can give examples of your previous jobs where you have shown stability by being with them for a number of years. You can also add that as long as there is an opportunity to grow you would like to be associated with the company.

9 Q:. How do you handle failure?

A: The interviewer wants to judge the way you handle failure. As a production engineer, you may be faced with failures. You can give an example where you failed for the first time but how you handled the situation and completed the task. Try to give an impressive answer to this question.

10 Q: Do you have questions for me?

A: All interviewers generally ask this question in the end. Show your enthusiasm to work for the company. You should always be prepared with some good questions before appearing for your interviewer.

11 Q: What is the difference between manufacturing and production?

A: Production is the process of converting inputs into outputs through various operations. In production, the raw material is not procured from outside, the company owns it and after processing and make the final product. But in Manufacturing, the company procures the raw material from outside, and then makes the final product. Manufacturing is a process of converting raw material in to finished product by using various processes, machines and energy. Production is a process of converting inputs in to outputs.

12 Q: What is process planning?

A: Process planning consists of selection of means of production, establishing the efficient sequence of operation, determination of changes in form, dimension or finish of the machine tools in addition to the specification of the actions of the operator. It includes the calculation of the machining time, as well as the required skill of the operator.

13 Q: What is Production process?

A: It is the process followed in a plant for converting semi finished products or raw materials into finished products. The art of converting raw material into finished goods with application of different types of tools, equipments, machine tools, manufacturing setups and manufacturing processes is known as production.