Customer Care Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Customer Care Executive job Interview Questions

A customer care executive is a medium between the customer and the organization. Customer care executives are employed in different types of companies to be a direct point of contact with customers. Customer Care Executive Interview is often considered as an easy interview. But many candidates fail to answer even easy questions properly. It is important to prepare with the most frequently asked questions in a customer care executive interview. Some of the most frequently asked customer care executive interview questions and answers are given below. However, you should be prepared with other questions as well.

1 Q: Why did you apply for this job?

A: To answer this question, you need to have the knowledge about the company and the job description. You have to convince the interviewer about your intentions of joining the job. Also relate to your qualifications and abilities which match with their requirements.

2 Q: What does good customer service mean to you?

A: Good customer service means that the customer ends the conversation satisfied with the service of a customer care executive. The matter or the problem should be resolved by the customer care executive without escalating to senior managers.

3 Q:. How will you handle negative feedback from a customer?

A: Negative feedback from a customer should always be handled in a warm and professional manner. Take the negative feedback in a positive way. It is also essential to know the areas where improvement is required and customers are the best persons to highlight negative issues.

4 Q: Will you be able to deal with a difficult customer?

A: Your answer should be always in a yes. Dealing with a difficult customer is a challenging task and you should always show your interest in accepting challenges. Listening to the customer’s problem is essential. Debating with a customer is of no use. You have to work out a solution to satisfy the customer. Controlling the situation is of prime importance as well as retaining the customer.

5 Q:. Do you have the skills which are required for a customer care executive?

A: Mention the skills you have which relate to this position. The skills required for a customer care executive include communication skills, listening skills, patience and problem solving skills. Give examples where you have shown this skills and how you are suitable for this job.

6 Q:. What do you know about this company?

A: A basic answer is expected from this question. Read about the company on its website, news articles and social websites. Giving some real information about the company to the interviewer creates a good impression of you. It also shows that you are really interested in the job.

7 Q:. How will you convey to your customer when you are not able to perform his service request?

A: In such a situation, you should politely convey about the inability to perform the situation. Describe why you were unable to process his request and end the conversation politely. The customer should be properly explained why his request could not be processed. You can use words like apologized, empathized etc. in your answer.

8 Q:. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: It is always easy to answer about your strengths but weaknesses should be answered in such a way that does not make you unfit for the job you are interviewing for. It is also important to make it clear what you are doing to address that weakness. The strengths which you mention should also relate to the job.

9 Q:. What is your greatest success till date?

A: The interviewer here wants to see what you have done till now and whether you will be able to bring success for the company as well. Whatever you say about your success, you should always keep the answer short or you will be thought of a very proud person.

10 Q: How do you keep yourself motivated?

A: A customer care executive job can be monotonous at times. Here the interviewer wants to find out what steps you take to keep your motivated. If you do not do anything to keep yourself motivated your efficiency level will go down. Mention your ways of keeping yourself motivated.

11 Q:. What will you do if your co-worker is rude to customers?

A: If the co worker is new, you should advise him or her to behave in a professional way or you can also inform your reporting authority about such a situation. However, in such cases, it also depends whether the co worker has been working for many years then it is difficult to point his mistakes. Moreover, the structure of the organization also has an effect on how the matter can be reported.

12 Q: What are your goals?

A: For this position its better to talk about short term goals rather than long term goals. Your short term goal should not be about a position like you want to be a team leader or customer support manager. It is better to avoid such answers. Talk about some generic goals.

13 Q: How long do you expect to be with our company?

A: Its better to avoid answers like ‘as long as I can’ or ‘depends’. The interviewers are not expecting such kind of answers. Interviewers want employees who will stay with the company for long term. They want to hear answer like permanent, many years etc.