Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers

Best Interview Questions for Content writers

Content writing is a very noble profession nowadays. Internet is the main source of information for people and content writers are responsible for writing contents for the websites. Hence content writers should have a good command over English, good typing speed and ability and patience to research. Even a content writer has to be prepared before appearing for an interview. Here you will get some frequently asked content writer interview questions and answers. Being prepared with some answers will help you in giving your interview successfully. Apart from the below questions, you should be prepared with other questions as well.

1 Q: Say something about your background.

A: Tell in few lines about your educational qualifications, your reason for choosing this field, your previous experience if any etc. This is just a warm up question so you need not say much but keep it short and simple. The main motive of the interviewer is to know more about your personality.

2 Q: Do you work independently or in a group?

A: A content writer’s work can be carried out only when he is alone. It is difficult to concentrate while in a group. So the answer to this question is well understood.

3 Q:. Explain the difference between web content and web copy.

A: Web copy is copywriting for web. Web copy is the text that people read through your site and tells them what they need to know. Any writing on the internet is called as web content. Blog posts and articles are web content.

4 Q: How will you describe your proof reading process?

A: A content writer has to undertake proof reading process after completion of his article on a topic. This proofreading is essential so as to rectify any errors or mistakes in the article. Describe your proof reading method in short. Generally proof reading is done by reading aloud. By doing so, it is easier to find out any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.

5 Q:. What do you do to enable search optimization of your content?

A: A content writer needs to be familiar with the basics of search engine optimization. A content writer needs to determine the keywords to focus on for search optimization and use those keywords in the content .

6 Q:. Name some blogs which you go through.

A: A content writer has to sharpen his skills so reading blogs is necessary so as to get idea for new contents. Name some blogs which you read frequently and say little what you like about the blogs.

7 Q:. Say something about the last book which you have read.

A: Here you can say about the name of the book and also the author’s name. Give a brief summary of what the book is about and lastly conclude by mentioning what you liked most about the book.

8 Q:. How would you handle working with different clients?

A: The interviewer is interested in knowing your capability of handling your work while working with different clients. Working with different client means writing on different topics and with different styles and tones.

9 Q:. What is the difference between copywriter and a web content writer?

A: As the name suggests, content writers are those that write for contents for websites and copywriters typically are for sales pages which means they write for literatures that is designed to promote something. Many web content writers are also copywriters but all copywriters may not write web content. Web content writers write for the readers of the website whereas copywriters write for broadcast and print mediums.

10 Q: How do you research while writing articles?

A: A content writer has to write on certain topics decided by himself or the organization. The interviewer wants to know about the sources from where you will research while writing articles. This is to know about whether you undertake research while writing articles or not. Mention the sources of your research in a few lines and not going into too much details.

11 Q:. What do you think about your writing skills?

A: A content writer is expected to have exceptionally good writing skills. The main job of content writer is to write content for websites and so the articles should be such which are beneficial and not difficult for the people reading such articles on websites. Sometimes, the interviewer may ask you to show sample work so as to judge you on your writing skills.

12 Q: What do you say about your work ethic?

A: The interviewer desires to know about how good you are at submitting your work. It may happen that you may be having a full time job and you are taking up the job of content writer also, in such case it is difficult to complete and submit your work on time. Mention if you have good time management skills and are dedicated with completion of work. A content writer should have strong work ethics and must ensure the completion of articles timely and efficiently.

13 Q: Why did you choose content writing as a career?

A: The reason should be well known to you. Everybody has his or her own reasons for taking up a career but generally people who have a passion to write and are dedicated generally opt for content writing as a career. Be honest and specific in your answer.

14 Q: Do you know about Search Engine Optimization?

A: It is beneficial if content writers know about Search Engine Optimization. While writing for websites, knowledge of Search Engine optimization is viewed as an essential skill by interviewers. If you answer saying yes, you should be prepared for more questions on the topic. It is better to say honestly how much you are aware of Search Engine Optimization.