Letter for Temporary Transfer

I have attached Letter for Temporary Transfer.

IMP/Inter. Transfer/OUT/78/07                                                                        30 Dec 11


ABC Ltd.

Temporary Transfer


Authority: CEO/XYZ  HRMS Implemented dated …..


1.         It is intimated that under mentioned Executive is detailed to proceed on Temporary transfer to Bangalore for undergoing training at XYZ Systems for a period of 10 days from >>>>>> to >>>>>>


IMP 324          XYZ                Position

2.         You are requested to issue necessary movement advise for Impetus Consulting Pvt. Ltd , Bangalore for onward routing as reach to XYZ Systems by >DATE> and also after the completion of training and onward routing as reach to Chennai by \>Date>


3.         The Journey for Training at XYZ Systems, Bangalore shall be commenced on ………. AM/PM and estimated to arrive …………. AM/PM

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