Increment Letter

I Have Attached Increment Letter



October 31, 2009





Dear _______ ,



We take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable contributions to our business performance during the year ____-____.


While fixing your new CTC, we have considered your performance in the role whilst also making market correction that may be required based on our review of compensation in comparable companies.


Your revised CTC for ____-____ effective _______ is Rs. ________/- which comprises of:


• Rs.________ as a fixed component of the pay plan , and

• Rs. _______ as a variable component of the pay plan which is linked to your performance.


You will also be paid Rs. ______ as a one time performance award on the basis of this assessment and that of the company performance.


The year ahead is going to pose several challenges. We demand exceptional performance from all of us to sustain our leadership contributions. We are confident that you will rise to this challenge and pool in your energies, competencies and commitment to achieve further heights.


We take this opportunity to thank your family for having supported you to deliver your best in ____-____.



Best Regards,

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