Fixed Assets Format

 I have Attached Fixed Assets Format

Fixed Assets for 2010-2011 ???????????????  PRIVATE LIMITED
Sl No. Brief Description of Asset and Id. No. Qty Location Inv. No. & Date Supplier’s Name Value ( Rs.)
Amount of the bill including freight, insurance and taxes etc. (in Rs)
 Opening Balance
 Total                                     –
OFFICE EQUIPMENT  Opening Balance                     1,629,082.00

COMPUTER HARDWARE  Opening Balance                   16,367,011.03
 Total                   16,367,011.03
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT  Opening Balance                     1,611,950.00
 Total                     1,611,950.00
Plant & Machinery – Charts  Opening Balance                     2,136,388.80
 Total                     2,136,388.80
SOFTWARE – Asset  Opening Balance                     5,685,182.00
 Total                     5,685,182.00
Grand Total



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