Purchasing Interview Questions

List of purchasing interview questions

1. How to control purchasing price?

2. Tel me what are steps of purchasing process?

3. What are the characteristics of an effective RFP?

4. What impact might electronic commerce have on the purchasing process?

5. How would you integrate electronic commerce with our supply chain management?

6. Tell us about the tools that can be used to increase minority and women-owned business participation in our company’s purchasing activities?

7. What are ways that materials may be purchased?

8. What items of information are required in order to process a purchase requisition?

9. What are the pros and cons of a centralized purchasing function?

10. Tell us about your experience in developing RFQ’s (Request for Qualifications)?

11. What are the benefits of using credit cards for small purchases?

12. Define “supply chain”?

13. Tell us about your experience in managing the supply chain?

14. Under what criteria is a formal bid required?

15. Have you worked with developing bid specifications?

16. Tell us about your experience in developing RFP’s (Request for Proposal)

17. Tell us about your experience in developing RFI’s (Request for Information)

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