Training Manager Interview Questions

Training manager interview questions

1. What are methods of job training, please explain?

2. What is competency mapping?

3. How to set up core HR competence for organization?

4. How to set up training budget?

5. What do you think the role of the Learning and development manager should be.

6. What do you see as the difference between training and learning and development?

7. What specific skills could you bring to the role?

8. Ask them to give you an example of a learning intervention they created which failed and what they learn from it

9. How do you justify the training function within a company ?

10. What is the most difficult training situation you have been faced with and what did you do ?

11. Give me an example of a repetitive task you have had to complete on a monthly basis?

12. What benefits does the Investors in People standard give to an organization ?

13. If you do not have a sound reason for asking for a presentation – why do one?

14. How will you measure success?

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