CEO Interview Questions

Chief Executive Officer Interview Questions

1. General Questions

• What attracted you to this position?
• Tell us about your experience with elder care and home based care.
• What is your vision for [cooperative name] and for the Executive Director position?

2. Strategic management

• How do you lead organizations?
• How to create HR strategies for company with weak finance?

3. Management skills

• How do you set priorities?
• How do you create a team spirit where everyone feels engaged?
• How do you motivate large employee bases?
• How do you put in place processes to get things done?
• How to create strategies for leading company?
• How to create core competencies?
• How do you pay attention to your core constituencies?
• How do you paint a direction?

4. Marketing and Public Relations

• Marketing and public relations are a vital component to the future of this new business. Describe to us your previous marketing and public relations experience.
• How would you market our services to the community and to potential

5. Management and Supervisory Experience

• [cooperative name] is a worker owned co-op in which the care providers
actually co-own the business. Therefore, the management role is slightly
more complex than in a traditional stockholder or privately owned
company. Given this situation, how would you work with the care

• [cooperative name] plans to hire three additional administrative staff
(services coordinator, RN supervisor, and office administrator). How
would you go about selecting the staff? How would you manage the
administrative staff?

• The CEO answers directly to the president of the [cooperative name] Board of Directors. What do you perceive as the role for the board and your relationship with them? What has been your experience working with boards?

• In the home care and personal care industry, care providers often have limited contact with fellow members or with staff. What steps would you take to help workers feel connected, to keep care providers informed, and to encourage a sense of ownership.

• There is talk among care providers that one of the members may be taking extra long breaks at client’s homes and doesn’t seem to do a very thorough job. The rumor in the community is that [cooperative name] workers are lazy. How would you as CEO handle the situation?

6. Budgeting and Finance

• The CEO will oversee a budget of $[dollar amount]. Please tell us about your budget and financial management background.

• One third of [cooperative name] members presently do not
have any health care insurance. Health insurance for full time workers is
an important reason why care providers formed the co-op. What would
you do if the cost of health insurance rose astronomically (more than the
[number]% annually allotted in the business plan)?

• [cooperative name] needs to attract at least $[dollar amount] in private sales to break even in the first year of operations. What would you do if the co-op is not able to meet projected private pay client sales?

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