Tips on How to Negotiate Salary in a Smart Way

Salary negotiation is not so easy. You want the job but you don’t want to price yourself for it. You are not even sure of what offer is the company going to make. You also need to make sure that you are paid what you deserve. You want at least an amount with which you can sustain yourself and pay your bills. All this is a part of salary negotiation and it depends on how smartly you are able to put across your price and leave the table with a good offer.

This post includes the best of the tips and tactics that can help you make smart negotiations with the employer without making any compromises. With these tricks, you can emerge as the winner in this struggle.

Always be patient and calm

Negotiations can happen only with a calm mind and patience. If you are impatient while discussing your salary or job then take three deep breaths and relax before speaking anything. Do not touch the topic until and unless, the employer does. And when you are posed with the question about your salary requirements, give a smart answer that they are subjective to roles, responsibilities and position.

Analyze and Evaluate the Job Offer

As soon as you receive the job offer, start analyzing and evaluating it from different angles. You cannot just simply depend upon the base salary but you also need to take into account other benefits that are being offered to you. Find out about the projected increase in salary, know about the bonuses that you can get, learn about the growth and promotion opportunities that the job brings for you. Prepare a list of all the advantages and disadvantages associated with the offer and then reach to the final conclusion. Never simply take your decision based on the base salary as it is incomplete.

Always Be Ready for a Counter Offer

In order to keep the discussions going, you must keep yourself ready with a counter offer. You can always ask for a meeting to discuss on it to keep the discussions open. You can also send a counter offer letter or email to maintain the flow of the conversation. Always be prepared and do not allow the conversation to drop at any point. You will have to keep holding on to it in a very smart manner so that you can strike the best deal.

Know Your Value

It is very important that you are prepared with all the information. You should know your worth and should also know the salaries that are being offered for the profile for which you have applied. This will help you quote a reasonable salary figure to the employer and your negotiation will give you more confidence. This will save you from quoting an unreasonable amount to the employer because of which you can actually lose a good job from your hands. Do homework is necessary to be able to quote the best price and this can actually help you land up with the best deserving job and salary.

Take Time to Decide

Never take a decision in haste. Take your time to decide what you want before taking a final decision. If you have any questions or doubts in mind, you must ask them to the employer. If you need time to think then you can ask the employer some time to consider the offer. This is always the right way of moving ahead with things instead of quickly taking a decision. Do mention it is an email or letter the date by when you are going to respond so that there is complete clarity in the statement you are making. Do not leave it incomplete or vague. Be specific in the amount of time you need to decide.

All these points must be kept in mind while negotiating on a salary. Use these tips to make your negotiation much stronger and promising.

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