How to Write a Letter for Proof of Employment

formal letter for proof of employment

Letter for proof of employment is something which is needed whenever a person is applying for a bank account or applying for a new job or going for anything that demands an in-depth verification of identification. Hence, it is quite an important document and needs to be written keeping in mind all the important points so that you don’t miss out on anything important and essential.

Here are a few steps to guide you write a perfect professional letter for proof of employment which has all the important points which are a must to make it fool-proof. Let us have a look at these points which are very much essential in completing your letter.

Always Write it on Company Letterhead

Letter for proof of employment must always be written on the company’s letterhead as it marks the authenticity of the letter and makes it look official. Moreover, it contains all the contact information regarding the company.

Introduce Yourself

Once you are done with greetings, the next step should involve your introduction. It should contain your name, your position in the company and your date of joining that company. This is very important as you are suppose to be explaining who you are to the recipient in a formal manner.

Duration of Association With the Company

The next step should involve the employee’s name, the date of joining of that employee with the company, his job profile or job title, his format of work i.e. part time, full time or work from home etc. All of this should be mentioned in the very first paragraph of your letter. You can also include the information on salary, if at all it is needed. This would mark the completion of basic information.

Mention the Work Duties of the Employee

The very next paragraph should contain the mention of different duties which are performed by the employee in your organization. Try and summarize all the important responsibilities and roles he is liable to perform with respect to his position in the company. If he is involved in some kind of technical job then make sure you mention his important technical duties which form an important part of the process.

Mention Your Contact Details for Queries

There are times that the organization has some doubts or questions or queries even after presenting them with the basic information. For that you must include your preferred mode of contact so that the organization can contact you with ease. You can mention your phone number or your email id for their reference.

Do Not Forget to Sign

The next and final step of writing a professional letter for proof of employment is signing the letter and putting an official company stamp on it. This is important to bring in the authenticity and make it look professional. And once you have done this, your letter it all ready to be sent.

Keep these important points in mind while writing a letter of proof for employment and make it look formal and complete in every sense.